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Hooray For Hollywood

Underlining, highlighting and bold print by FuelMix:

Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment scandal isn’t only an indictment of his twisted soul, but of America’s as well.  

The story of Weinstein, the uber-powerful film producer, co-founder of Miramax Films and major donor to Democratic politicians, who got fired from his job as co-Chairman of The Weinstein Company after the New York Times ran an article exposing his serial sexual harassment of female employees, is such a perfect storm of corruption, depravity and hypocrisy that it exquisitely encapsulates the moral decay of America. 

The New York Times piece revealed that Weinstein has settled at least eight different sexual harassment lawsuits over the years. The article was just the tip of a really grotesque iceberg, for in its wake a plethora of other claims has surfaced.

In a New Yorker article, written, ironically enough, by Ronan Farrow, son of alleged pedophile Woody Allen, even more claims emerged of Weinstein’s predatory behavior. One of the many lowlights from that article includes Italian actress/filmmaker Asia Argento and two other women claiming that Weinstein raped them.

The most famous women among the sea of those claiming harassment at the hands of the movie mogul are Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and Rosanna Arquette.
The odiousness of this Weinstein scandal is overwhelming, and nearly every public person is going through the Kabuki theater of denouncing Harvey and his lecherousness, but this strikes me as disingenuous at best. All the movie stars, media members, and politicians strongly reprimanding Weinstein now, displayed nothing but egregious cowardice during Harvey Weinstein’s grotesque reign of wanton terror.

Many Hollywood heavyweights like Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence, are feigning ignorance of Weinstein’s disgusting depravity, but the revelation of Weinstein’s repulsive misdeeds cannot possibly come as a surprise. Harvey, the rotund and repugnant Hollywood kingmaker, is notorious in the film industry for his petulant and imperious approach, which includes physically abusing underlings and being a lascivious beast to women. Tales of Weinstein’s bad behavior are so legion that even a complete nobody like me has heard them ad infinitum.

So how did Harvey get away with being such a gigantic creep for so long? The main reason is that he possessed the rarest talent that all of Hollywood covets, the ability to garner Oscar votes for his films. Weinstein produced films have been nominated for Best Picture 26 times in the last 28 years and have been nominated overall for over 300 Academy Awards. In other words, Harvey could make people rich and famous beyond their wildest dreams, which is why so many in Hollywood checked their humanity and ethics at the door and looked the other way when he was being such a troglodyte. To quote Upton Sinclair, It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Blind ambition isn’t the only reason Hollywood looked the other way regarding Weinstein, political expediency played a part as well. Weinstein has been a long time supporter of Democratic candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in particular, and has donated a lot of money to their campaigns.

A perfect example of someone making a devil’s bargain with Weinstein for political reasons is Lena Dunham. Dunham, a vociferous and vocal Clinton supporter and devout feminist, admitted she knew of Weinstein’s predatory reputation in regards to women, but still shook his hand and performed at a fundraiser he held for Clinton’s campaign. Dunham said she betrayed her feminist values because “she so desperately wanted to support Clinton.

Hollywood liberals were quick to denounce Evangelical Christians for supporting Trump despite his moral turpitude and misogyny, calling them hypocrites. I agree that Evangelicals are hypocrites for supporting Trump, but so are Hollywood liberals for enabling Weinstein. Both sides need to get off their high horse and read Matthew 7:5, “You hypocrite! First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.

Speaking of enabling, the Weinstein scandal brought to my mind a line from a U2 song, “if you need someone to blame, throw a rock in the air, you’ll hit someone guilty.” When I throw my rock, it often lands on the media, and so it is with this case.

Ronan Farrow published his Weinstein story in the New Yorker magazine, but only because his employer NBC news refused to go with the story. NBC is in business with Weinstein on various film and television projects, and no doubt did not want to ruffle the feathers of such a powerful and litigious man like Harvey Weinstein, so they passed on it, which means this story says just as much about them as it does about Weinstein.

Even the New York Times, which broke the Weinstein story, came out smelling less like a rose and more like a manure pile after it became known the newspaper spiked a similar story regarding Weinstein in 2004 after being pressured by the producer and his lawyers to do so.

The New York Times dropping the ball on an important story in the early 2000’s should come as no surprise to anyone who followed the lead up to the Iraq War or Bush Surveillance but what was shocking was who helped to scuttle the 2004 Weinstein article. Matt Damon, yes,Matt Damon, Mr. Good Will Hunting, and thought-to-be good guy called the Times reporter to defend and vouch for Weinstein to stop the story. So did everyone’s favorite Gladiator Russell Crowe. I wonder how Damon and Crowe sleep at night knowing they were complicit in thirteen more years of Weinstein’s abusing women?

It is uncomfortable to acknowledge, but another group of people who could have stopped Harvey Weinstein but did not were the more famous of his victims, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd. These women did not ask to be placed in this terrible position, but they could have stopped him cold if they came forward years ago. The reason I cite them and not the other victims is because they were uniquely positioned to be able to defend themselves and to take on Harvey Weinstein, where the other victims were not. What I mean by that is that Paltrow, Jolie, Sorvino, and Judd all come from entertainment families that are well-known and liked in the industry. They were not powerless because they have strong allies and deep connections in the business. These women, sans Judd, also won Oscars, giving them, even more, credibility and visibility to make their claims. I do not “blame” these women for being harassed or assaulted by Weinstein, I only wish they overcame their ambition and saved others from that awful fate.

The cavalcade of condemnation for Weinstein will continue unabated for the days and weeks to come, and deservedly so, but to see him only as a target of derision diminishes his impact as a cautionary tale. Weinstein is simply a symptom of the wider disease which I call “reality show America,” which sees human beings as disposable and transactional objects whose value is measured in terms of their usefulness for entertainment or pleasure.

The true power of the Weinstein story is not about his personal failings, but that it is symbolic of the fact that “reality-show America”, which thrives across the political and cultural spectrum, is a collection of self-serving, amoral, hypocrites who are quick to attack the failings of their enemy but slow to embrace self-reflection.

Will the denizens of “reality-show America” in Hollywood, Washington and the news media ask themselves how they have contributed to the culture that bred a man like Harvey Weinstein? I sincerely doubt it since deflection, emotional myopia and historical amnesia are as American as apple pie.

This scandal is an opportunity, not only to see Weinstein for who he really is but also to see America for what we have become…an ethically bankrupt and indecent collection of moral cowards allergic to self-reflection and truth.

This “reality-show America”, currently starring the Trumps and Kardashians (with special guest appearance by the Clintons!) and produced by Harvey Weinstein, reveals that America has devolved to the point of shameless obscenity, and regardless of how self-righteous we as liberals, conservatives, Democrats or Republicans may feel, we no longer possess any moral authority because, just like Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood, Washington and Wall Street, we are incapable of being honest with ourselves.  

It is difficult to admit, but if we mustered the courage to see ourselves as we truly are, we would recognize that Harvey Weinstein is America, and America is Harvey Weinstein. Both are bloated, entitled, corrupt, bombastic, blindly ambitious bullies, full of fear and loathing, that use their outsized power to exploit the defenseless to indulge their darker impulses and insatiable desires. The sooner we recognize that, the faster we can try to change it.

-----"Weinstein Scandal: What it tells us about celebs, politics and Hollywood" by Michael McCaffrey, October 13, 2017, Covert Geopolitics

FuelMix says:

1.  One of the better articles we've read on this story.

2.  As mentioned before in this blog, these are the days of the Apocalypse, the true meaning of which, is that which was hidden is now revealed.

3.  Our view is that Weinstein's little "scandal" is only the preview of something much larger and much more grotesque that involves Hollywood, the financial and political elite:

  • child abduction;
  • child torture;
  • child rape;
  • pedophilia;
  • child human sacrifice; 
4.  We await to see how the Apocalypse rumbles on.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Essence of Taste

1.  Semen-Based Recipes
2.  A History Of Semen - Some Random Thoughts
3.  MILF's And The College Jock
4.  Legal And Etiquette Issues
5.  Sperm And The College Jock - A Topping For All Seasons
6.  Sperm As A Food Source - Is It That Outrageous..?
7.  Fully Loaded

1.  Semen-Based Recipes  

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1.  Unless fags have been living under a rock, they’d be aware of the internet and media buzz triggered by the publication of “Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen Based Recipes” by Paul Photenhauer.

2.  Initially, FuelMix thought this a weird joke and declined to write about it. But apparently, the book is authentic and was ejaculated onto an unsuspecting public via which offers self-publishing services. It received mixed reviews online ranging from praise, to concerns about toxins and STDs in semen, to outright condemnation.

3.  FuelMix thinks it’s a pretty courageous idea and will no doubt spark a ton of new pickup lines at fag and straight bars.

2.   A History Of Semen - Some Random Thoughts

1.  Semen has a long history of being used in rituals, although westerners tend to associate it with satanic rituals. Given that eating sushi and sashimi off a woman’s naked body was briefly in vogue (before health authorities banned it) it’s not surprising that somebody would eventually come up with the idea of making men useful in the kitchen.

2.  Some fags have a fetish for freezing theirs and their buddies’ sperm into little ice cubes for future consumption. Swallowing cum for a fag ain’t no big deal – but it’s either a very private affair, or an all-out cum swallowing fest at an orgy or a sauna. And for some dudes, like Damon Dog, the oral addict, it’s a porn video anthology. Will fags take to this recipe book or wait for some cookery doyenne or domestic pornography goddess to endorse it...?

3.  FuelMix doesn’t see the book becoming a standard text in high school for Cookery 101 anytime soon, although it’s a fair bet that some 16 year old pussy or socially challenged fag will suddenly become very popular with the high school jocks that she or he invites home to help them make cookie batter.

4.  And when these women, or fags, sit around saying that so-and-so is such a sweet guy, better start wondering what they really mean.

3.   MILF's And The College Jock

1.  This kind of book would give cougars and MILFs a field day:

“Hi Scott, it’s Mrs Robinson……are you busy with your homework? No...? Oh that’s good! Could you come over and give me a hand with the cooking? I’d like your input. I’d like to serve up something special for my girlfriends….maybe you could stay for dinner. They’d love to meet you after I tell them how helpful you were….!”

4.   Legal And Etiquette Issues

1.  There are a host of legal issues as well. If a married woman deliberately and knowingly ingested the recipe-added sperm of another man, would that constitute adultery? It could be argued that there doesn’t need to be penetration since the other man’s sperm entered a female cavity consensually. After all, online romances in chat rooms can constitute adultery.

2.  Could it be argued by a woman that her husband’s failure or refusal to willingly donate sperm for the kitchen constitutes unreasonable behaviour and therefore a ground for divorce, because it could be said he’s not helping her with the housework...?

3.  And what about legal issues of disclosure...? People have peanut allergies you know. If Mr and Mrs Suburbia decide to hold a dinner party for 15 couples and feature a naughty menu courtesy of the above book, do they have to say anything to their guests about the active ingredient...? Could a guest allege emotional and physical trauma after discovering what went into the “Almost White Russian”? (recipe below).

4.  And just how do you ask your guests beforehand, “Is there anything you don’t eat...?” And what kind of thank you note would one send the hostess afterwards..? FuelMix suspects that etiquette books will have to be re-written.

5.   Sperm And The College Jock - A Topping For All Seasons

1.  College jocks could in future, make a killing out of the social acceptance of sperm as an ingredient. One can envisage smoothies and frozen yoghurt cafes where, for an extra $1.50, the patron can choose a range of daily toppings like bananas, raisins, M&Ms, sprinkles - and for a bit more, freshly made offerings from Todd, Matt, Dave, Tyler…..or an Asian "Dim Sum" topping from Cheung or Wong.....or that muscled Korean black belt in Tae Kwan Do, or that exotic Pakistani guy with the green eyes.....

6.   Sperm As A Food Source....Is It That Outrageous?

1.  It’s well known that male sperm counts are falling, motility is not what it used to be and the sperm’s ability to penetrate has weakened. Given that the enzyme and potential nutritional value of healthy sperm has been documented, in future high quality and highly perishable sperm would become as valuable as truffles or graded and priced like Beluga, Petrossia and Sevruga caviar.

2.  The world is undergoing a major and sustained food, water and over-population crisis. If male semen becomes socially acceptable as a natural food ingredient, think about this:
  • A new form of male slavery where physically desirable males are kept in a farm simply for the purposes of producing nutritionally desirable sperm;
  • A failure of the porn industry as the price of healthy male sperm for food, skyrockets and sexual gratification gives way to surviving for food;
  • Human semen becomes financialized and a quoted commodity on the futures index;
  • Banning of chemicals, pesticides and drug use, all of which injure and destroy semen.
  • Closure of sperm banks as healthy sperm is diverted for food;
  • Closure of gay saunas, stepped up police patrols of cruisy parks and toilets to stop unnecessary and wasteful masturbation.
  • Urinals and toilets fitted with facial recognition and sensors to detect ejaculations;
  • A new form of the Draft where 16 to 30 year old males must sign up for the 2 year Military Semen program in which they regularly donate their semen to the state.

7.   Fully Loaded

Here’s the recipe for the “Almost White Russian”:
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz Coffee Liqueur
  • ½ oz semen
  • Cream or milk
  • Ice cubes
Pour vodka, semen and coffee liqueur over ice cubes and top up the glass with milk or cream.

FuelMix swears that if he doesn’t get any comments on this post, this blog is gonna be shut down.

Originally published 16 December 2008
Amended and Republished 6 May 2014 | 16 October 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Rent Boy With Ethics


Hail Satan 6

 FuelMix does not have any religious or political affiliation

9.  Why Isn't Faggot Media Talking About Gay Satanic Porn..?

(A)  Faggotry's Problem: Standard Gay Behaviour
(B)   Faggot Media Must Shut Up About Gay Satanic Porn: They Have No Choice

 1.  Quite simply, Faggot Media has an image problem on their hands. (Forget their credibility, that was fucked long ago).

2.  Over the last 25 years, there has been a carefully orchestrated (some would say manipulated) campaign to integrate gay men as "normal" i.e hot, well groomed, athletic and who just happen to like cock.  In other words, the gayness was just sexy and incidental (except when Faggotry and its enablers demanded that gay men feel "outraged" or "violated" and then fired up the Engine Of Faggotry which we've previously written about).

3.  So, there was all the usual men going to church, gay men going on gay holiday tours, gay men shopping together, gay men wanting to marry, gay men wanting to have kids, gay men wanting to serve in the military, gay men as porn stars and models, gay men on TV, gay men giving image advice to straight guys.

(A)  Faggotry's Problem:  Standard Gay Behaviour

4.   With the explosion of the Web over the last 20 years, gay porn in all its forms became ubiquitous and accessible.  From vanilla to extreme raunch, it's all there. Mostly free. A lot of it pirated.  A lot of it amateur produced. A lot of it on sharing sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  It's hard to avoid.

5.   That level of accessibility and saturation has an effect on the mindset of the gay Web user:
  • there's just SOOOO MMUUUCCHHH porn to explore; AND
  • niche porn becomes easier to find and easier to relate to either as a fetish or a preference. For example gay bukkake, gay double penetration, gay bareback, cum swallowing, rimming, pissing, gay scat; AND
  • a brazen exhibitionism kicks in, parroting the explicit porn already online; AND
  • a desire to seek out like-minded guys via online ads or hookup apps;

6.   Then ADD the fundamental gay propensity towards:
  • hedonism; AND
  • porn addiction; AND
  • drugs; AND
  • self-indulgence; AND
  • sexual curiosity; AND
  • promiscuity; AND
  • distraction;

AND one begins to see how gay men drift into gay satanic porn.  Make no mistake about it, there is tons of gay satanic porn out there.  Do a Google search for gay satanic porn on Tumblr and see what pops up.  It's popularity is huge and appears to be growing - particularly in the West.

(B)  Faggot Media Must Shut Up About Gay Satanic Porn: They Have No Choice 

7.   How Many..??  No one will ever know the true numbers of gay men into satanic porn or living a satanic-worship lifestyle. Faggotry and its enablers are trapped.  Over the last 25 years, they've spent billions in media advertising and image-enhancement, crafting a pseudo-wholesome "normal" image of gay men.

8.  Faggotry's Dilemma - If Faggot Media were to criticize or condemn gay satanic porn, that would be tantamount to admitting that a chunk of gay men were "perverts", "twisted" and "sick" - the very words that have been used to describe homosexuals for decades.

9.  Gay Satanic Porn vs Devil Worship -   An interest in gay satanic porn and its apparent devil worship, phallic worship, sexual rituals and outright surrender to Satan, is NOT the same thing as being a member of the Church of Satan that was founded in 1966. That organization's website in its FAQs explicitly states that their members are atheists and that Satan to them is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism.  If you're wondering how gay satanic porn fans get confused as to who they might be, that's because pride, liberty and individualism are exactly the 3 attributes that Faggotry crows about.

10.   Say Hi To Baphomet -   Imagery in gay satanic porn includes the figure of Baphomet (or highly stylized fantasy-art versions thereof).  According to Wikipedia, it is a name used to describe an idol or deity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshiping in the 14th century and which was subsequently incorporated into various occult and mystical traditions.  Since the 19th century, an image by Eliphas Levy (and subsequently modified in 1897 by Stanislas de Guaita to include the downward facing pentagram that Levy wrote about) has come to be seen as a synonym of Satan or the Devil.

11.   Taa - Daa..!!  Baphomet is depicted as a human figure with a goat's head and hooves.  It has large male genitalia and female breasts. Have a look at this one:

If the popular depiction of Satan is with male genitals and female breasts, it means Satan itself is a Transsexual. 

12.   The "Free" and "Uncensored" Media Frenzy  -   From 2015 onwards, there have been 2 main themes in Western Lamestream Media that entranced the masses:

  • Alleged demonic possession, exorcisms, the growth of satanic worship;  AND
  • Transsexual celebrities and Transgender issues (initially near-saturation coverage, now ongoing and being re-framed in the context of tolerance, equality, gender-identity pronouns);
Co-incidence..?  You decide.

(We'll let Ray Jessel have the last word).....

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Originally published 7 December 2016
Amended and Republished 15 October 2017

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Meanwhile, In Other News...

Presented without further comment:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Removal Of Followers

1.  We have deleted all Followers of the blog.

2.  Readers will recall that there was an image gallery of Followers.  Several used their real names and face pics. We appreciate their courage in visibly following this blog for several years.

3.  It came to our attention that other Followers who, for privacy reasons, did not upload their real face pics (regardless of the name they used), may have been revealed (or may be at risk of being revealed) - without their consent -  as Followers of this blog via other social media sites to which they signed up and on which they uploaded their real face pics.

4.  Since these other social media sites:

  • have murky Privacy Policies;
  • use algorithms whose trawling methodology is not disclosed;
  • offer unconvincing or evasive answers when questioned about non-consensual cross-referencing of a person's online identities which matches face pics, real names, pseudonyms and locations;
effective as of 12 October 2017, we have deleted all images of Followers of this blog.  It is our contribution to the privacy of those who wish to keep their real identities as well as their private and professional lives, separate.

Thank you

A Date With The Crotch Of Destiny

Navigating the surging throngs of the evening rush hour commute in the MTR Station, FuelMix and a gorgeous, gym-built UK-born Pakistani guy, lock eyes.  The attraction was mutually instantaneous.

FuelMix slowed down and swiveled his head, UK-born Paki did the same.  For a few seconds, time appeared to stop and the crushing noise of the scuttling commute had dropped to absolute silence.

UK-born Paki approached FuelMix, stopped and grinned.

UKbP:  Hey.....I guess we both kinda looked at each other

FM:  We're both something to look at...

UKbP:  Seen you before in Central.  Always thought you were hot

FM:  Where have you been hiding..?

UKbP:  High-rise, corporate cave in Central by day,  Pure Fitness by night....

FM:  Great body, dude..!!  Bet you get a lotsa looks

UKbP:  Gym is your church too...[gently squeezes FM's elbow and smiles].  Going my way in the train..?

FM:  Yeah

UKbP:  Looking to be cruised deep underground..?

FM:  Impress me

Stuffed into the heaving train, FuelMix and the UK-born Paki found themselves grabbing the same pole. The crowd continued to pour in and FuelMix's temporary friend pressed his body against FuelMix's back as the doors closed and the train started to move. The 3 Chinese female office workers grabbing the same pole, were too engrossed in CandyCrush, WhatsApp and Facebook to notice 2 horny guys with slightly soiled minds - to be followed sooner rather than later,with slightly soiled underwear with pre-cum stains.....

UKbP [whispering]:  Don't ya love crowds when you're so tightly pressed together...? Makes indecency almost legal.....

FM [whispering]:  I'm still waiting for you to be indecent.....

UKbP [whispering]:  Stick your ass out a little that....feel me..?  The guys behind me don't know what I'm gonna do to you...!

FM: [whispering]:  Oh yeah...!! I can feel something hardening in my ass crack...!! [starts twitching his ass muscles]

UKbP [whispering]:  Dirty fucker... feel me throbbing..?  Huh..? [starts thrusting very gently without attracting attention, while making his cock throb through his pants to meet FM's twitching ass]

FM [whispering and breathing heavily, but discreetly while twitching his ass muscles]:  Uhh... Uhh... Oh yeah.... grind it in...!!

UKbP [whispering]:  Fuck yeah...!! I don't care if you're Top or Bottom, I just wanna fuck you and kiss you so deeply while I look into your eyes...!!

FM [whispering and tilts his back to look into his buddy's eyes]:  Like this.....?

UKbP [whispering]:  Oh man...!!  Don't do this to me...!!  I wanna kiss you so badly and kiss your nipples and your whole body.....just fuckin' lick the sweat off you and keep your taste on my lips...!! [very gently and discreetly thrusts his hips and throbbing cock into FM's ass]

FM [whispering]:  Uhh... Uhh.... Uhhh.....OOooohhh.....yeah baby.....give it to me....

The train pulled in at the next station and more commuters smashed their way in, expelling all the available oxygen in the carriage.  The door slammed shut and the train started to move...

UKbP [whispering and grinning]:  Nice...!!  Even more people too distracted on their mobiles not to care that I'm dry humping you..!! 

FM [whispering]:  Yeah...public is the new private...!!

UKbP [whispering]:  Stick your hot ass out, baby...I need you..!!..[very gently and discreetly thrusts his hips and throbbing cock into FM's ass].....Oh yeah...!!  Oh yeah...!! Just like that...!!  These bitches don't know that you're my bitch right now...!!  Feel my cock, baby, yeah....tighten that ass for me....fuck yeah....!! Just like that...!!  Gooood boyyy...!!

The electronically-distracted eyeballs passing off as humans, were too weary or jaded to notice what went down next.  Very discreetly, almost imperceptibly, UKbP's hand started to slide across FuelMix's ass cheeks as he continued to gently thrust into FuelMix, while breathing into his ear.....

FM [grinning and whispering]:  You've done this before haven't you..??

UKbP [ also grinning and whispering]:  Practice makes perfect...!!  You think I'm not gonna fondle that muscled ass of yours while I'm fuckin' it...?

FM [whispering and grinning]  Want me to twerk..??

UKbP [whispering]:   Oh man...!!  I have a dirty fantasy about that..!!  You could sit on my face and twerk your muscled ass while I deep rim it...!!

FM [whispering while his ass is being fondled and the crowd hasn't noticed]:  Oooohh......nice..!!

UKbP [whispering]: And then we could 69 and cum in each other's mouths....

FM [whispering]: Oh fuck yeah..!!

UKbP [whispering]:  This is my station, studpuppy.....Thanks for the hot ride..!!  Maybe I'll run into you again and grind you in rush hour traffic.....I don't need to know your name or number.....

FM [whispering]:  Works for me

The train doors opened and FuelMix's temporary friend disappeared into the masses swirling on the platform. 

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hail Satan 5

FuelMix does not have any religious or political affiliation

8.   Why Are Those In The West Embracing Satanic Worship?
9.   Why Isn't Faggot Media Talking About Gay Satanic Porn?
8.  Why Are Those In The West Embracing Satanic Worship?

1.   Let's start with the premise that in the West, (the so called "developed world") social, political, financial and economic inequalities have reached highly contentious and distorted levels of dysfunctionality.  The racial and immigrant attacks, violent political agitation, societal polarization and mob attacks are symptoms of something much more serious - and we suspect, something much more deliberate.  Namely, the artificial creation and manipulation of crisis for the purpose of totalitarian control (and in which, their mainstream media is totally complicit).

2.   In other words, at a macro level, we are witnessing globally engineered perversion. Remember "perversion" in all its forms is the defining characteristic of satanic worship.  Remember also that we are living in the times of the Apocalypse - the true meaning of which is, that which was hidden is now revealed.  We suspect that what will be revealed in the coming months, will be so blatant, so shocking, so evil and so pervasive, that large chunks of the global population will go into Denial.

3.   Faced with extreme and absurd levels of distortion in almost every aspect of life, it's not surprising that those in the West - where the financial crash of 2008 was felt the hardest and where "recovery" has been slowest and most distorted, lost faith in and respect for the institutions that defined their society and mainstream versions of "respectability".  That is fertile ground for alternative ideology, however, bizarre it might be.

4.  We find it intriguing that western Lamestream Media's coverage of satanic rituals, demonic possession, alleged exorcisms and statements of concern from priests and the Vatican have been dramatically prominent for several months.  What is also intriguing is the apparent revelation that the  victims or followers appear to be white, educated and middle class.  In other words, white urban dwellers and suburbanites.

5.  Given that western Lamestream Media is entirely manipulated by The World Management Team, and given that the direct and circumstantial evidence suggests that its mainly white members are themselves followers of a Luciferian ideology, it's not surprising to see so much coverage.  We would go further and suggest that such massive coverage of satanic worship operates as a perverse recruiting tool.  In other words, following one of the rules of propaganda, the more the message is repeated and dramatized, the greater a person's curiosity and the more inclined they are to accept its apparent authenticity.

6.  Therefore, the perversion becomes the perceived Truth in several ways:
  • a rejection of traditional religious doctrine;
  • a rejection of mainstream society;
  • new sacraments via sexually charged rituals that include pedophilia, incest, orgies, phallic worship, homosexual encounters, blood and semen drinking, human sacrifice - in other words crossing all human sexual boundaries;
  • satanically charged hypnotic suggestion;
  • complete surrender to lust and addiction (in all its forms) in the name of Satan;


9.  Why Isn't Faggot Media Talking About Gay Satanic Porn..?

Originally published 7 December 2016
Amended and Republished 11 October 2017

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Kotetsu Book Shop

124 Fa Yuen Street
Mong Kok
Hong Kong
MTR:  Mong Kok Station, Exit B2

Tel:2332 8824
Facebook:  Kotetsu Book Shop
Opening Times: 1:30pm - 9pm


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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Gong Guan Sauna 9

Opened 26 May 2017


8.  Pros And Cons
9.  The Verdict : Would FuelMix Go Back..? 

8.  Pros And Cons

  • Convenient location, easy to find;
  • Well designed, clean, spacious, sexy vibe;
  • Friendly staff speak excellent English;
  • We love the ultra-violet Osmosis-filtered water dispenser;
  • We like the floor-level fan at the foot of the steps from the showers which keeps the floor dry;
  • No Karaoke !!
  • Gym Guys, Slim Guys, College Guys + tourists show up.  At the moment, mostly Asian;
  • Not many fat whites (that might change since GAMs told us mature fat whites from Central Escalator and Galaxy had been spotted in Gong Guan);
  • No white Gym Guys.  (That might change now that word is getting out about Gong Guan's inclusiveness);
  • Porn Lounge and attached mini-cruising space, clever idea; 
  • Gym Guys, Slim Guys, College Guys show up regularly.  The presence of so many Fat Guys is not an issue. The 2 distinct clientele have learned to co-exist;
  • We love the strictly-enforced No Smoking policy;

  • We are ambivalent about the HK$168.00 standard fee when showing up between 5pm and 9:30pm.  Show up between 12 noon and 5pm and pay HK$80.00.  Show up after 9:30pm and pay HK$100.00.
  • 2 completely different types of clientele at the same time, takes some getting used to;
  • Fat Guys attitude towards Gym Guys pretty sullen - but then, attitude in a sauna is to be expected;
  • Not thrilled that Mainland Chinese like it. But then these cockroaches our Mainland Brothers are everywhere.  The reason they're showing up at Gong Guan (and Galaxy) is because they're staying at  the cheap hotels in Jordan.  Both Gong Guan and Galaxy open at 12 noon;
  • No computer screens to surf;
  • No free bananas, cherry tomatoes, crackers, chocolates, soda. Only first drink and first snack is free.  After that, food is overpriced.

9.  The Verdict:  Would FuelMix Go Back..?

1.  Without wishing to brag, FuelMix attracted instant attention from Fat Guys and Gym Guys when he walked in.  It may have been the novelty value of seeing a gym-built foreigner.  The attention and compliments were flattering. 

2.  FuelMix got action 4 times with Gym Guys and Slim Guys.

3.  One of the staff complimented FuelMix and watched him shower, giving a thumbs up sign and smiling.

4.  We were not expecting to see clientele with 2 radically different physical characteristics, (Very Fat vs Gym) co-existing in one sauna.  If we were being cynical, we would say there is an unspoken competition amongst the clientele to see which body type will ultimately prevail as the main customers.  Even the management has shifted from its pre-opening, chub-centric advertising to actively touting the Gym Guys.

5.  What our GAM-Throats-On-The-Street told us about Gong Guan's clientele, is correct.  

6.  Would FuelMix go back..?  In the interests of accuracy, we will in due course, do a second review.  But, our initial impression of Gong Guan was favourable.  It's an intelligently designed, stylish sauna - in fact, it's too good for Fat Guys to have it all to themselves.  That's why Gym Guys show up - regularly. Of the saunas in the Tsim Sha Tsui / Jordan area:
  • Arena - shockingly claustrophobic, disappointing and dead;
  • Birds - dark, no steam room, no sauna, depressing;
  • Galaxy - dirty, decrepit but hugely popular with older GAMs;
  • Gong Guan - currently the best and (we're told) convenient for College Jocks from CityU and Baptist U in Kowloon Tong; and from Hong Kong Polytech in Hung Hom;

7. FuelMix would go back to Gong Guan. Face it, who doesn't like adoring attention and compliments from staff while showering..?  Once the staff have noticed you, it's a fair bet the other customers will too.

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
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Friday, October 06, 2017

Gong Guan Sauna 8

Opened 26 May 2017


6.  The Not So Dark Area
7.  The Clientele
8.  Pros And Cons
9.  The Verdict : Would FuelMix Go Back..? 

6.  The Not So Dark Area

1.  The light grey colour scheme and the light brown wooden floors extend into the entire Dark Area.  The lighting is in 2 parts:
  • the main Dark Room corridor which has floor-based white strip lighting; and
  • the inner Dark Room which is noticeably darker;
The result is a Not So Dark Area and people can be checked out pretty easily.
2.  There are 9 playrooms, also in light grey, with dark mattresses. Condoms and a lube dispenser are included, but we didn't see any paper towels.  There is a non-adjustable light switch next to the door and we have been informed that mirrors will shortly be installed in all rooms.

3.  The Inner Dark Room at the end, has a very dark, curtain-partitioned play space as well as 2 alcoves to play in.

4.  They have a glory hole..??!!  On the right hand side of the main Dark Room Corridor with the floor-based strip lighting, are 2 small rooms, each with a bench.  The partition wall has a perfectly circular very smooth hole cut at crotch level - but also has a towel hook at pubic bone level.

5.  It's entirely debatable whether this is a glory hole or a peep hole:
  • due to the thickness of the partition wall, the depth of the glory hole is over 2 inches.  That's a lot of partition to get your cock through before grateful lips can service it;
  • each of your thrusts through the hole will have you impaled on the towel hook;

7.  The Clientele - What FuelMix Saw And Heard

1.   2 distinct clientele AT THE SAME TIME (It's mind boggling):
  • FAT ONES OF ALL AGES -  we would grade them as follows: stocky, hairy bears, fat chubs, very obese, Junior Sumo wrestlers.  Make no mistake about it, Gong Guan gets the fattest - and in some cases, startlingly obsese Chinese men ever seen in this city.  They were local and Mainland Chinese GAMs.  We heard that Mainland Chinese GAMs like Gong Guan.  We're nervous because we saw what happened to Alexander Sauna when these people also "liked" it;
  • GYM GUYS, SLIM GUYS, COLLEGE GUYS - mainly local GAMs but also Mainland Chinese, Asian tourists and Bananas.  Some gym guys are pretty hot and they're coming from Hutong, My Way, Jungle and Big Top.  Although they can be found there everyday, we were told by customers and staff that most show up on:
  1. eve of public holidays;
  2. Friday evenings 5pm onwards;
  3. Saturday and Sundays 3pm - 8pm

2.  Let's put it into context.  Gong Guan has a split personality:
  • Gong Guan's pre-opening advertising targeted Fat Guys;
  • Fat Guys showed up (apparently pissed off with Rainbow);
  • Word got around that Gong Guan was clean, spacious, well designed;
  • Gym Guys, Slim Guys, College Guys showed up (because Big Top is too small and gets very crowded, Hutong is too attitudinal; and they were not in the mood to trek to MyWay);
  • Gong Guan staff now publicly say they cater to all types and highlight when the better-shaped guys show up;
  • Fat Guys and Gym Guys don't mix socially and don't cruise each other. Many Fat Guys show up to sit around and socialize.  Unlike other saunas Gong Guan has plenty of space to sit around and chat. Trust us, dear reader, these Fat Guys need a lot of space.

8.  Pros And Cons
9.  The Verdict : Would FuelMix Go Back..?

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Gong Guan Sauna 7

Opened 26 May 2017


2.  The Locker Room
3.  The 2 Lounges
4.  Showers And Steam Room
5.  Toilets
6.  The Not So Dark Area
7.  The Clientele 
8.  Pros And Cons
9.  The Verdict : Would FuelMix Go Back..?

2.  The Locker Room

1.  The overall colour scheme of Gong Guan is very light grey with  very light brown flooring.  On entering, the Lockers are immediately accessible, although they are located in 3 distinct areas.  They are decent sized, clean, clearly numbered and opened with an electronic bracelet (same as the one used in Jungle).  A towel is inside the locker.

2.  The Locker Room is decently lit, with a small vanity counter nearby to fix your makeup.

3.  The 2 Lounges

1.  Adjacent to the Locker Room are 2 lounges, both accessible thorough curtains found in Japanese restaurants.

2.  Lounge 1 - The main Lounge, whilst compact is the hub of the place.  It has an elegant yet minimal Oriental decor, a red Oriental carpet and 2 wide lounge benches with bolster pillows.  There's a flat screen TV on the wall.

3.  There's also a 2 seater bar from which one can order snacks and drinks.  The first drink or snack is free.  The rest are charged for.

4.  Lounge 2 -  Next to Lounge 1, this is the Porn Lounge.  It's bigger, with 2 black sofas,  a wall-mounted porn screen which was showing western gay porn (but apparently also shows Jap chub porn), a partial covering of a black non-slip floor, a small cruising area and a dark alcove to play in (should you get totally horny and require attention as a result of all the porn-watching).

4.  Showers And Steam Room

1.  The showers are visually stunning and have a sexy vibe. As one approaches, there are transparent glass panels that allow one to check out who's showering.  The color scheme is beige granite walls and dark slate grey floors. The combination of ceiling and floor-based spot lighting works very well giving the showers a brightness without being harsh.  It's a great place to cruise, make eye contact, check out the other guy's bod and check out your own bod.  FuelMix absolutely detests the really dark showers found in places like Birds.

2.  There are 7 rain shower heads plus 2 traditional Asian seated showers.  The rain shower heads can swivel, water temperature, pressure are easily adjustable and excellent. Soap is provided from dispensers.  The showers were spotlessly clean and didn't stink like Galaxy or the now-defunct Alexander.

3.   Adjacent to the showers is the Steam Room, which is partitioned into 2 spaces. The space on the left is longer and deeper.  That's where the action takes place. And there was quite a bit going on.  FuelMix also participated.

4.  Steam temperature was fine.  The Steam Room was spotlessly clean and didn't stink at all.

5.  Toilets

1.  The toilets are completely separate from the showers and are closer to the Locker Room.  Again, elegant and minimalist decor, well lit, large mirror, spotlessly clean sink, no smell, dry floor, complimentary mouthwash and anal douches in the cubicles.

6.  The Not So Dark Area
7.  The Clientele
8.  Pros And Cons
9.  The Verdict : Would FuelMix Go Back..?
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Gong Guan Sauna 6

Opened 26 May 2017


3/F Vincent House
30 - 30A Jordan Road (corner of Jordan Road and Shanghai Street)
Yau Ma Tei
Hong Kong
MTR: Jordan Station Exit A

Tel: 6883 6475

Opening Hours: 
Sunday-Thursday: 12 noon to 12 Midnight
Friday - Saturday: 12 noon to 10am the next day  

Regular Entrance Fee: HK$168.00
Early Bird Fee: HK$80.00 12 Noon to 5pm
Saturdays HK$168.00 (after 9:30pm price HK$100.00)
*Apparently some other price promotions as well.  Check with them


1.  Getting There
2.  The Locker Room
3.  The 2 Lounges
4.  Showers And Steam Room
5.  Toilets
6.  The Not So Dark Area
7.  The Clientele
8.  Pros And Cons 
9.  The Verdict : Would FuelMix Go Back..? 

1.  Getting There

1.  Take the MTR (the red Tsuen Wan Line) to Jordan Station and head for Exit A.  This will bring you up to street level, on the corner of Nathan Road and Jordan Road.

2.  Face Right and walk westwards along Jordan Road.  You'll soon see a Pedestrian Crossing on your Left.  That's the corner of Jordan Road and Parkes Street. Use that crossing to walk to the other side of Jordan Road.  On reaching the other side of Jordan Road, face Right and continue walking westwards.

3.  You'll be crossing a few streets, the most famous of which will be Temple Street.  You'll know you're walking correctly when you pass the tall, elaborate, Temple Street gate, which will be on your Right, on the opposite side of Jordan Road.

4.  Look for the corner of Jordan Road and Shanghai Street.  That's important because although the address of Gong Guan is given as 30-30A  Jordan Road, the entrance to the building is actually located on Shanghai Street, which (as at 5 October 2017) is currently next to a Manning's store.  See picture below:

5.  At the lift lobby, there's a black sign that looks like this:

6.  The lifts take forever. Hit the 3rd Floor or better still, just walk up.  Ring the doorbell and get buzzed in.

7.  The staff are very friendly and speak very good English.  FuelMix paid HK$100.00.

2.  The Locker Room
3.  The 2 Lounges
4.  Showers And Steam Room
5.  Toilets
6.  The Not So Dark Area
7.  The Clientele 
8.  Pros And Cons
9.  The Verdict : Would FuelMix Go Back..?
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 

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Monday, October 02, 2017

The Sexually Diseased American 2

5.  Is It Really Worth Touching Them...?

1.  According to the 2016 report from the US Centers For Disease Control, there are 20 million new STDs every year in the US.

2.  Half of these are amongst young people aged 15 - 24:

  • 15 is below the legal minimum age of sexual consent in the United States, so what the hell is going on here..?  The age of sexual consent in the US varies from state to state, but falls between 16 - 18.  Check out the Age of Consent site for minimum age of sexual consent state-by-state in the US and worldwide.
  • in gay culture, 16 - 24 is the much sought after, much fantasized, high school and college jock, gym muscleboy, or twink, actively recruited for porn - and highly active on gay hookup apps;

3.  As the CDC Report point out:
"These infections can lead to long term health consequences...; they can facilitate HIV transmission, and they have stigmatized entire subgroups of Americans."
Yet not that long ago, gonorrhea rates were at historic lows, syphilis was close to elimination, and we were able to point to advances in STD prevention, such as better chlamydia diagnostic tests and more screening, contributing to increases in detection and treatment of chlamydial infections. That progress has since unraveled. The number of reported syphilis cases is climbing after being largely on the decline since 1941, and gonorrhea rates are now increasing. This is especially concerning given that we are slowly running out of treatment options to cure Neisseria gonorrhoeae.....

4.  The CDC Report states that the incidence of STDs in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (collectively referred to as MSM), including Primary and Secondary Syphilis; as well as antimicrobial-resistant Gonorrhea, is greater than reported in heteros and lesbians. Most of it is occurring in younger guys and ethnic minorities.

5.  Across the US, at any given time, there are 110 million new and existing STD infections.  That is astonishing.

6.  We would observe that by way of comparison, as as 23 January 2017, the US had an estimated total population of 324,420,000.  That means that over 30% of the population is infected at any given time.

7.  Note that this CDC Report is dealing with verifiable cases of STDs.  The above figure of 110 million new and existing STD infections in the US, is NOT covering those men who are at potential risk due to:
  • risky sexual behaviour;
  • smoking;
  • prescription drug use;
  • gay drug use (weed, crystal meth, crack cocaine, Viagra, etc);
  • drinking;
  • compromised immune systems;

8.  Reminds us of a conversation we had a few years ago with a GWM health worker at an STD clinic in San Francisco. We commented that wandering around the city, we couldn't help notice that the gay guys, buffed as they were from the gym, looked sorta diseased, unhealthy and creepy.  We found it paradoxical that being in the gay mecca with such easily available guys and apparent eye-candy, our desire for action was non-existent.

9.  He sighed and bowed his head.  Then he said quietly, "It's a huge problem...these gay guys are spreading disease and exporting it worldwide on a scale nobody in polite company is talking about.  They don't care who they infect.....they just don't give a damn.  They lie to each other about their health status 'coz lying is part of gay culture....I'm an American.....I'll tell you this much.....if you see a gay American, doesn't matter how hot he is...... just run.....don't even look back.....just run."

10.  It was not what we were expecting to hear.

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The Sexually Diseased American 1

Is It Really Worth Touching Them..?

1.  Parallels To The Roman Empire
2.  Chlamydia
3.  Gonorrhea 
4.  Syphilis 
5.  Is It Really Worth Touching Them..?

1.  Parallels To The Roman Empire

1.  We can tell our readers that we are not the only ones to have noticed the parallels between the United States today; and the decline and collapse of the Roman Empire:
  • hugely inflated sense of hubris and "exceptionalism";
  • bloated, corrupt, political and financial elite;
  • corrupt, discredited mainstream media peddling state-sanctioned propaganda; 
  • politicized, probably corrupt, highly compromised judicial system internationally regarded as laughable;
  • cascading laws and regulations for the majority, effective immunity for the elite;
  • marked decrease in personal liberty; 
  • surveillance state mentality;
  • allegedly buzzing economy which is actually on life support - and has been since 2008;
  • disastrous, never-ending, hugely expensive military intervention in other countries;
  • anger, shunning and disrespect from other countries, large and small, due to aggressive military, geopolitical, economic entitlement and meddling;
  • currency rapidly debased through rampant currency creation, exporting inflation around the world;
  • unsustainable debt;
  • societal polarization, growing anger, violence;
  • distracted, highly ignorant population;
  • rampant debauchery;
  • soaring disease rates;
2.  It's been said that one should not eat the head of a prawn, because the shit goes all the way to the top. 

2.  Chlamydia

1.  In the case of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) in the United States, that appears to be true:  The shit really does go all the way to the top.  

2. In 2016, according to the US Centers For Disease Control, the nation's capital, Washington DC was the leader in Chlamydia, (which incidentally, is the most notifiable condition in the US) by 118% above the national average:

3.  Now look at the "usual suspects" i.e. those states with high concentrations of gay men and "the lifestyle".  The infection rates for Chlamydia are pretty high.

Wait... there's more... 

3.  Gonorrhea

1.  Washington DC led the way in Gonorrhea, 230% above the national average:

2.  Now look at the "usual suspects" i.e. those states with high concentrations of gay men and "the lifestyle".  The infection rates for Gonorrhea are pretty high.

But wait...there's more...

4.  Syphilis

1.  Washington DC also led the way in Syphilis, 175% over the national average:

2.  Now look at the "usual suspects" i.e. those states with high concentrations of gay men and "the lifestyle".  The infection rates for Primary and Secondary Syphilis are pretty high. 

(a)  Primary Syphilis* - sores at the original site of infection e.g. head and shaft of penis, around genitals, around anus, in the rectum, in and around the mouth;

(b)  Secondary Syphilis* - skin rash, swollen lymph nodes, fever;

In both (a) and (b), during the latent stage, there may be no symptoms. Or the symptoms could be mild and not even noticed.

(c)  Tertiary Syphilis* - severe medical problems;

* Syphilis - CDC Fact Sheet

Primary and Secondary Syphilis - Reported Cases By Sex, Sexual Behaviour and Race/Ethnicity, United States 2016:

Note the huge increase in Syphilis in the MSM category i.e. Men Who Have Sex With Men (with whites leading the way).

Source of Maps and Data for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis: "Feeling The Bern": Washington DC Dominates New STD Per Capita Ranking From The CDC, Zero Hedge, 27 September 2017

5.  Is It Really Worth Touching Them..?

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hail Satan 4

FuelMix does not have any religious or political affiliation

4.   Cult vs Occult
5.   It Ain't New In Pop Culture
6.   Tenets Of Satanic Worship 
7.   Symbols Of Satanic Worship
8.   Why Are Those In The West Embracing Satanic Worship?

4.   Cult vs Occult 

1.  We'll use our own definitions here because they're succinct:

(a)  Cult - refers to a group of people polarized around one individual with a magnetic or alluring personality.  Such a person's charisma may or may not be spiritually based.  That person may have evolved their own teachings, dogma and rituals and some degree of credibility (which might at some stage be wrecked).  Their motives may, or may not, be altruistic and there is always the possibility of exploitation, rip-off and deception.

(b)  Occult - refers to an interest in esoteric knowledge that is either not readily accessible nor widely accepted.  It is not necessarily evil and tends to focus on subjects beyond the five physical senses.

5.   It Ain't New In Pop Culture

1.   If we are correct that the World Management Team (which embraces satanic ideology) requires Full Spectrum Control, then Satanic Worship in Pop Culture isn't new. Remember films like Rosemarie's Baby, The Omen trilogy, The Exorcist..? Satanic fascination started hitting the mainstream in the late 1960s and 1970s.

2.  What about Heavy Metal bands from the 1970s onwards..? Remember  Alice Cooper, Anthrax, Black Sabbath, King Diamond, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Slayer, Venom..??  Some openly peppered their lyrics with satanic references - and some live concerts had satanic rituals (and the occasional animal sacrifice). Remember terms like "Black Metal...?"

3.  Since 2012, there has been mainstream coverage of allegedly overt satanic references in public performances such as the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, Madonna's concerts, the Video Music Awards.  Their blatant satanic flavour was even noted on amateur YouTube video commentaries.

6.  Tenets Of Satanic Worship

1.   Heavy metal, drink, drugs, blood rituals, animal and human sacrifice, glorification of sex, sexual perversion including incest and paedophilia, violence, rejection of mainstream religious dogma and "family values", a lust for power in all its forms.

7.   Symbols of Satanic Worship
  • Goathead
  • Inverted Cross or Crucifix
  • Pentagram and Inverted Pentagram
  • Swastika (the inverted Nazi version thereof, NOT to be confused with the correct depiction of the Swastika which is an ancient Hindu and Buddhist symbol)


8.   Why Are Those In The West Embracing Satanic Worship?
9.   Why Isn't Faggot Media Talking About Gay Satanic Porn?

Originally published 7 December 2016
Republished 30 September 2017

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