Friday, January 20, 2017

Exhibitionist (Yellow Prick Road)


FuelMix zipped his jacket as the cool night time winter breezes rushed through the trees.  It was 14 degrees Celsius in the late evening, with clouds occasionally obscuring a New Moon. Having finished his shopping downtown and burping a spicy Korean dinner, he was walking through a notorious park towards the subway station, not expecting to see anything other than the usual coterie of jaded Mainland Chinese moneyboys and sleazy Indians in their 20s and 30s.  The latter, courtesy of mature white tourists, had discovered the relatively easy pickings of gay-for-pay in the bushes or a curry takeaway to a hotel room in Harbour City.

FuelMix smirked.  The entrepreneurial spirit of cash-driven Indians (not to mention their arrival by the plane loads over the last 5 years) had totally trashed the cash-and-cock cottage industry of the young Pakistanis in the park.  They had been thrown back on selling their staple crop.....hashish, allegedly from Afghanistan but more likely from Cheung Sha Wan.

The canopy of trees grew darker and thicker as FuelMix banked hard left, setting a course into a Fruit Loop. Over here, the interplay of shadow and spectre, foliage and breeze, moonlight and streetlight could easily dupe.  His sensors were on full scan, the shields up and phasers armed.

In the darkness, emerged a pale pair of thighs in gym shoes, wearing minimal, very tight dark shorts and a padded black bomber jacket, slowly being unzipped to reveal a  pale chest.  Streaky blonde hair completed the ensemble, but it was hard to ascertain the gender or the ethnicity behind this introduction.

"Hi cute boy!!" purred the figure in English, opening the jacket fully to reveal a really skinny male torso.  It was a GAM.

"Not looking for a moneyboy, thanks" said FuelMix, slightly speeding up.  "I'm not a moneyboy..." whispered the GAM, "I'm an Exhibitionist...!!" His toothy grin flashed in the darkness.

FuelMix slammed on the brakes...

FM:  Say that again..?

GAMEx:  I am an's what I love...doing it outdoors and attracting attention..!!  It's such a high for me..!!  This is where I perform..!!  You have come to MY theatre..!!

GAMEx began to writhe and stroke his neck, pouting his lips at FuelMix and blowing kisses.  Then he began to play with his nipples while stroked his torso, gently thrusting his hips in FuelMix's direction.  He swung around to grab a railing with one hand, doing an imaginary pole-dance routine that included high kicks and clutching his balls, licking his lips as he looked at FuelMix.  Other shadowy male figures emerged from the darkness.  He had an audience.

GAMEx:  [gasping and writhing] I love this sooooo much...!! Look how they're watching me..!!  I am hypnotizing them..!!  Come here..!! 

He grabbed FuelMix's hand and placed it on his crotch. GAMEx's cock began to harden.  The small crowd moved in closer

GAMEx:  [gasping and moaning] Squeeze my balls....oh yeah...fuckin' squeeze them!!  Make me cry....oohhhh make me cry...!!

FuelMix clutched GAMEx's balls.  The tiny shorts he was wearing were black Calvin Klein boxer underwear.  GAMEx continued to writhe and moan in the darkness.  The men watching murmured.

"Do you go to the gym..?" asked GAMEx as he started stroking FuelMix's body

FM:  Yeah

GAMEx:  [whispering and kissing FM's ear] You should go to Physical in Tsim Sha Tsui....all the gay boys are there...They are very friendly...the Steam Room is the best place to play...always a group in there...that's when they fuck after the other...!!  Best time is between 4pm and 8pm..!! [kisses FM on the cheek]

FM: Bareback..??

GAMEx [stroking himself and grinning]  Oh yeah..!! I don't suck at all.  I just like bending over and getting fucked...putting on a show for the gym boys..!!

FM:  So you get fucked bareback multiple times in Physical's steam room..?

GAMEx:  Yeah but only about 10 seconds at a I'm very safe..!!

FM:  Who's counting..?

GAMEx: [giggles]  Touch me some with me..!! play with me...!!  I need people to watch me....I just live for this...!!

He turned around and pulled his underwear down to his ankles, rammed his bare ass into FuelMix's crotch, grabbed  FuelMix's hands and placed them on his hips while he thrust backwards into FuelMix, leering at the other gay onlookers as he licked his lips

FM:  Dude, I don't like this...This just isn't're going waaaay too far in a public place. Let go of me.

GAMEx: [snickers and releases FM's hands] You mean a pubic place..!!  C'mon fuck me....!! Fuck me..!! [thrusts into FM]  THIS IS MY STAGE..!!  THIS IS MY SHOW..!!

FM:  [disengaging from GAMEx's thrusts] Nah, sorry dude. Suggest you go to a gay sauna...There are some nearby... much safer for you there...

GAMEx:  [inserting a finger into his ass and moaning] No..!!  No..!!  You don't understand...I cannot perform in private...I MUST DO IT IN PUBLIC!!... I cannot even get hard in private...I must take risks to get horny...the riskier the better!!...the more danger... the hornier I get!!......I just LUUUUVVV the danger...I AM ADDICTED TO DANGER AND RISK...!!...the park, the plants, the people, the possibilities, the poppers, the Police...

FM:  ...the pneumonia

GAMEx collapsed to the ground as he pulled up his boxer shorts, whimpering and sighing.  Then he stood up, wheeled around and grinned at FuelMix.

"Thanks..!!  Nice meeting you!! he chirped, I gotta run and change for dinner."  Reaching into the bushes he fished out a back pack, neatly separating his gym wear from his street wear.

"Maybe next time huh..? or see you at Physical Tsim Sha Tsui..? " He winked and blew a kiss at FuelMix, "the show must go on..!!"

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


"I really like your ass FuelMix..!!" grinned the GAM as he skipped over to where FuelMix was working out in the gym.  It was the same Skinny 30something Oriental With Glasses who was the subject of previous gym posts namely,  Virgin On The Ridiculous; Straight, Not Gay, But Bent;  and Thriller

"'ve said that a few times already", grunted FuelMix as he adjusted his cock through his shorts.

S30OWG:  [squealing]  Man..!! You're playing with your cock in the gym..!!  I can see the shape of it..!!

FM:  That proves you're fixated on my crotch

S30OWG:  [grinning] Actually I'm fixated on your ass as well.  You don't seem to care that people may be watching when you're working on your ass

FM:  Why would I care?  It's a gym.  Everybody looks at everybody for a number of reasons...

S30OWG:  I only do my ass when nobody is looking.....I don't wanna look too gay...I think it's really important to look masculine and straight in the gym...especially when there are women around. They talk you know...

FM:  Exactly how does one look gay in the gym when working on one's ass..?

S30OWG:  You know, sticking your ass out when you're doing squats - especially when other guys are walking by and you can see them in the's like you're wanting them to fuck you afterwards....same on the other leg exercises...even on the leg extensions, when you stick your legs out and hot guys are passing you, it looks like a symbol of an erection..!!

FM:  If you're straight - or repeatedly claim to be - why would you care if the guy is hot..?

S30OWG:  I'm just is important to be appropriately behaved in the gym

FM:  So how often do you work on your legs...? I've hardly ever seen you do them. You do your biceps and triceps most of the time

S30OWG:  If there are people around then I take dumbells into a corner and make sure my ass is facing the wall.  Then I do some squats.  If there's nobody around, then I'll stand in front of the mirror.

FM: Cover Your Ass in the office AND you Cover Your Ass in the gym..?

S30OWG:  You have to understand I am very concerned about my masculinity. I can't afford to be taken as gay - although I do jack off to good looking guys.  It doesn't help me if people suspect I'm gay.....I can talk to you about these things 'coz I know you're not gay.

FM:  You really get off on this shit don't you..?

S30OWG:  I have to keep my options open.  You've seen me chatting to girls in this gym.  What if they started suspecting I was gay because they saw me working on my ass and talking to boys they thought were gay...??  I would not be able to date them..!!

FM:  Lemme get this straight.  You will sacrifice working on your ass and legs in the gym in order to protect the perceived sexual orientation that people have of you......right..?

S30OWG:  Yeah...

FM:  Has it occurred to you that people size each other up in less than 15 seconds..?  That includes their grooming, their looks, their physique, how well hung they might be, whether they look gay or str8, how rich they might be.....??  In other words, both men and women in this gym have already decided in their heads what you are - regardless of whether they're right or wrong - and there is virtually nothing you can do to change that.

S30OWG:  You mean people here might already think I'm gay..??!!

FM:   Worse that that...they might think you're straight.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Principles of Faggotry 57

The 2 reasons why fags don't have the guts to look into the future:
  • they haven't come to terms with their past;
  • their actions in the present are wrecking their future;
Originally published 6 April 2012
Republished 21 October 2014 | 16 January 2017
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gay Sauna Write Off List 3

Received from a reader 2 days ago who also contributed to Part 2 of this series ( Minor editing, formatting and incidental comments in square brackets and blue italics by FuelMix): 

Hi FuelMix 

I'd like to create a list of gay saunas in HK that are successful and unsuccessful. This topic might interest you.

My personal opinion:   

1.  Hutong - although it's notorious for its alleged door policy, I have to say, unfortunately it's probably the most successful sauna at the moment in HK. That is  to say that the door policy and discrimination work on the people of HK. 

[reports circulating for some time from those who've been there over the past few months that door policy scrapped and hotness factor crashing. Fat Fugly Mainland Chinese invading from Alexander.  Customer Stand-And-Model attitude continues to be rancid. - FuelMix] 

2.  My Way - seems the HK Island counterpart of Hutong without door policy. [Just to be clear:  My Way in Wanchai and Jungle in Yau Ma Tei are under the same ownership and are both open 24 hours - FuelMix] It seems it's gaining increasing popularity on the locals especially those live in HK Island [and college boys from all over town - FuelMix] The reason might be they consider it a more 'pure' local sauna. There might be more office crowd as well [yeah and good looking ones - FuelMix]
[Good looking gym guys showing up from twink, college student to mature.  No problem getting customers in the door.  Lots of customer attitude, can take a while to get action, lots of space to play, near total absence of whites who prefer to stick to Central Escalator.  Local foreigners and Asian tourists regularly show up.  We are told that  word about My Way getting around Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines.  Can get very crowded on Fridays and Saturdays -FuelMix].

3.  Galaxy - according to your reviews, it seems quite successful albeit your writing-off this sauna. I suppose, the lowest admission and non-discriminatory environment are their biggest winning points.
[+ the crappy state of their premises.  Latest feedback is that Galaxy staff openly admit that customer numbers have fallen.  Also people are leaving earlier on weekdays, sometimes by 7:30pm - FuelMix]

4. Central Escalator - one of the most miserable phenomenon. Although it's small, basic and expensive, it's one of the oldest still operating saunas in town [since 1991 - FuelMix] The secret might be its niche market targeting [or that which it attracts by default namely, fat whites, tattoo covered whites, some really queeny whites, professional whites fleeing the office for a couple of hours, dazed and disappointed white tourists, Bananas from the West Coast regretting they weren't born white, skinny attitudinal GAMs looking for "White Daddy" or  "White Boyfriend Daddy", British-born Indians pretending to be str8 most of the week, ugly Indonesians in groups, grinning Filipinos looking to suck cock and...Mainland Chinese.  We will agree that it attracts an international crowd, which is actually CE's marketing point - FuelMix  right location and, maybe mostly importantly that the property is owned..? [No idea about that last point - FuelMix] 

The most unsuccessful ones: 

1.  Arena -   totally wrong deco and over-priced admission. It's a big disappointment from the legendary ABC-Gateway group.
[Not sure why ABC-Gateway group should be described as "legendary".  Agree that Arena is jaw-droppingly disappointing and over-priced, even though it is open 24 hours and located in Tsim Sha Tsui.  Really not sure what the future holds for this one.  We think that the closure of ABC, also in Tsim Sha Tsui, was a strategic mistake.  If they needed to move, they should have replicated it in new premises in Tsim Sha Tsui and kept that open 24 hours -  rather than creating the highly claustrophobic Arena - FuelMix] 

2.  Alexander - I am sure many must be surprised when this flagship of ABC-Gateway group announced its closure. And yet it's not so surprising given the sauna performance of its last year. It used to be one of the best saunas in town and could've well secured this honour for a longer time. It might be bad management that led to its eventual failure.
[The decline and crash of Alexander was annoying to watch.  Something had gone very wrong for a sauna that opened with so much potential - FuelMix] 

Thanks for writing in. 
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice;
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Principles of Faggotry 56

Curiously, more and more fags are advertising online that they're looking for drunk guys. This confirms that:
  • many fags are lying about their hookup rates via online sites or phone apps;
  • the prospects of a successful online or phone app hookup with a sober guy are plunging;
  • the prospects of a successful online or phone app hookup with a drug-fucked fag are less than Zero;
  • the shift from drug-fucked hookup to drink-fucked hookup is entirely consistent with the fag's modus operandi of substance-fuelled sex;
  • substance-impaired sex is being replaced with semi-conscious sex;
  • mutually anonymous sex is being replaced with semi-amnesia sex;
  • despite the hype of online sites and phone apps, the fag has resorted to an act of abject desperation; 
Originally published 23 March 2012
Republished 21 October 2014 | 15 January 2017

Copyright © 2006 – 2017 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Gay Sauna Write Off List 2

Sent in by a reader yesterday.  Minor editing by FuelMix:

Hi FuelMix

How are you ? I have been following your blog for a long time now and some of your recent articles raised my interest, for examples: Why Did We Write Off Some Saunas ? & Talking To Adam 14 .

I would like to share some of my opinions with you.

First Why Did We Write Off Some Saunas ?

It was directed from your other comments of Gay Sauna Write Off List. I have to agree with you.  HK gay saunas used to be better value for money and more fun than they are now. The quality of the clientele also seemed to be better.  There are a few reasons from my point of view that caused the deterioration of the saunas:

1. Mostly importantly, the invention of the gay dating and mating apps. In the past, gay sauna was the most straightforward way of meeting other gay guys and it had significant advantages : it's safer than to meet someone at home or a hostel; it's much more time saving than internet dating sites; it gave the opportunity to meet more than one guy at a time; it provides health and relaxation benefits; price was more affordable....  Now the gay app is the most direct and economical way to know other gay guys, especially for the hot stand-and- models, there's no need for them to be "taken advantage' and 'wasted money' in the gay saunas. Their attitude probably suits the gay apps better anyway.   

2. The cost of running a sauna increased dramatically, therefore they can't but charge a higher admission in order to balance the profit. As you know, HK is one of the most expensive cities in the world and this is particular true for the rental. The competition among saunas is fierce as there were once 18 gay saunas in Hong Kong. In order to attract more desirable or regular customers, most saunas have to 'subsidize' these customers and charge higher fees for the less preferable ones or visitors. 

3. Tastes. Hong Kong has a very short span when it comes to taste. That's why gay saunas seem not to invest too much in maintaining the facilities. When their rent lease expires they would rather just find another location and start again with another name.  Examples such as: Double to Hutong and the more recent ABC to Arena.  However, the number of gay saunas is still balanced at around 15. 

4.  In terms of the points which Adam14 makes about the saunas, I don't think some of his suggestions would work. Most  saunas in Hong Kong are there the locals and  their interests. Unfortunately, those kinky European style facilities wont work in HK.  Apparently Arena seems an example of such failure.

5.  At the end, my verdict is that gay saunas in HK in the future will be further polarized. There will be more smaller ones and those with the wrong marketing strategies will shut down and the flow of customers will conjunct into the surviving saunas. Such as what is probably happening now Alexander to Hutong, ABC to Galaxy. 

I hope you like my comments.
Your Loyal Reader 

FuelMix says:

1.   Your comments are generally correct. We like them.  We would not be surprised if more shut down.

2.   We have been hearing that since the closure of Alexander at the end of November 2016, its clientele of fat, Fugly Mainland Chinese have been showing up at Hutong.

3.  Disagree that customers of ABC are going to Galaxy.  We initially saw them in Arena, very pissed off with the place.  Not sure where they've gone now but not getting reports they are in Galaxy.

4.  Gay apps also have a high failure rate for hookups.  The "Silent Treatment" and ignoring people who make contact is very widespread.  From what we hear, the frustration rate is as high as online ads and higher than cruising around in the sauna.

5.  While the gay apps may be free, we don't use them for security reasons. A customer has much more personal control when they are in a safe space like a sauna.  Our friendly GAM-Throats-On-The-Street let us watch them while they scroll through Grindr, Jack'd, Scruff etc looking for hookups.

6.  We have seen no evidence that the local guys in the gay apps are hotter than the guys in the saunas.  If anything, we've repeatedly spotted the same people on the apps and in the saunas.

Thanks for writing in.
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice;
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Principles of Faggotry 55

Politically Correct fags will bitch long and hard about their allegedly negative portrayal by the media, groups or individuals.

But in politics, they'll happily tolerate overtly negative ads in the media about groups or individuals - and may even create those ads.

Originally published 2 February 2012
Amended and Republished 20 October 2014 | 14 January 2017

Copyright © 2006 – 2017 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Galaxy Sauna 24

5th Floor, Harilela Mansion
81 Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit C
Tel: 2366 - 0629

No website that FuelMix knows of

12 Noon - 11pm Mondays - Sundays
(8:30pm onwards mostly empty)
Staff do NOT speak good English OR may speak some English

FuelMix has written off Galaxy.  Will not upload his reviews
(Readers may submit theirs)
see Galaxy Sauna 20

A friendly and sexually desperate GAM-Throat-On-The-Street went to Galaxy on 2 consecutive evenings on Thursday 12 January 2017 and Friday 13 January 2017, between 8pm - 9:30pm.

This is what he told FuelMix:

1.   Galaxy staff said that business is not as good as before and the regulars are not showing up, or not showing up as frequently as they used to.

2.   On Thursday 12 January 2017,  when he arrived at 8pm, the place was boring and deserted. There were however, 3 or 4 mature very fat whites.

3.   On Friday 13 January 2017 there were more people there at 8pm.  Customers included some attractive GAMs some of whom were looking for older and chubby guys.  There was one white guy there from Germany. Our GAM-Throat-On-The-Street claims that on this visit, he was "delightfully satisfied".

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Head Games

The other day, FuelMix chatted to a gay foreign professional here in Very Rich Megacity.  We giggled at the lengths to which online gay whites, or gay-for-pay-whites, in this city were attempting to raise or scam cash (we dubbed them "the White Nigerians") from Not-That-Stupid-Foreigners-And-Asians.

We had both noticed increasingly imaginative ads by whites, either as rentboys or desperately seeking to relocate to Asia courtesy of (suddenly attractive or, "I'm-into-whites-sorry-it's-just-a-preference-goes-out-the-window-when-you-need-cash-and-a-new-life") richer Asians.

And then today, FuelMix came across a gem on Craigslist M2M in this city:

Looking for a cock-sucker (game) m4m (HK)

I'm a 30 year old expat and I would like to play this game.
I am looking for someone to suck my cock. The game goes like this:
We meet and you give me 1,500. If you make me cum in 30 mins i give you the money back, otherwise i keep it.
I'm clean, nice, shaved.
Challenge accepted? 

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Principles of Faggotry 54

When a fag says he's "str8 looking", what he also means is that he's checking out str8 guys.

Originally published 27 January 2012
Republished 20 October 2014  | 14 January 2017

Copyright © 2006 – 2017 FuelMix All Rights Reserved  

Colony Sauna 12

2nd Floor, 177 Prince Edward Road West
Hong Kong
Tel: 3486 1342
MTR: Prince Edward Station, Exit B1
Web: (check for "Event" nites)
Staff speak English

2:30pm to 12 midnight Monday - Thursday;
2:30pm to 1am Fridays and Saturday;
2:30pm to 12 midnight Sunday;

Price as at January 2017:  HK$148.00  for 8 hours

FuelMix Has Written Off Colony.  Will Not Show Up.  
No More Reviews.

(Readers may submit their own reviews)

1.   FuelMix hasn't shown up at Colony for over 118 weeks and counting (that's over 3 years), having long since written it off as a waste of time, money and simply unworthy of his further reviews or his presence.

2.   One of our GAM-Throats-On-The-Street gave us his comments, having shown up there late in the evenings on Wednesday 11 January 2017 and Thursday 12 January 2017 (both days between 10pm - 11:15pm)

3.   As of January 2017, the entry fee has been jacked from HK$138.00 to HK$148.00.  But if you show up on a Wednesday evening, you may have to pay more.  Why..? 

It's Japanese-style G-String nite..!!
  • That's right fags, ALL customers, without exception, MUST wear a management-mandated Japanese-style G-string (fundoshi) which they will happily sell you in a sealed packet for HK$30.00.
  • Alternatively, a customer may opt to wear a previously used but washed Japanese-style G-string at no charge.
  • Did you get that fags..? It means you cannot wear your own contemporary G-string or T-back, regardless of the style or colour. 
 4.   What does THAT mean..?  Quite simply, on Wednesdays, Colony charges virtually the same amount (HK$148 + HK$30 = HK$178)  as the official price for.....Hutong!!!  


5.   At the time the GAM-Throat-On-The-Street was there on Wednesday 11 January 2017, 6 customers were around.  All GAMs with average to below-average bodies and all FUGLY (including himself, by his own admission).  Apparently the only excitement he got that night was when he tripped several times over the kerb stones lining the shower area and the toilets.

6.   On Thursday 12 January 2017, our GAM-Throat-On-The-Street went back to Colony and discovered it was Nude Nite. This time, there were 8 people there.  They were better looking and somewhat more fitter, but not doing much.

7.  According to a customer, Colony has never been packed with guys, even on a Saturday night whe it clears out around 11pm. It has a much quieter vibe (we're not sure if they still play those god-awful acoustic cover versions of 1960s folk-pop and 1970s soft-rock).      

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
 © Copyright 2006-2017 FuelMix All Rights Reserved

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Principles of Faggotry 53

1.   Fags haven’t realized the contradiction of applying for front-end professional service jobs requiring a tag with a real name PLUS a high degree of courtesy and accountability; and their ass-end casual sexual service jobs or no-strings encounters, by which they exhibit  a false name, no manners and no responsibility.

2.   If they think they can keep both parts of their lives separate, think again.  One part will always bleed into the other.  You are the sum total of all your habits.

Originally published 7 January 2012
Amended and Republished 18 October 2014  | 12 January 2017

Copyright © 2006 – 2017 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Corporate Gay Activism 2

UPDATED 12 JANUARY 2017.....
4.   Reasons For Corporate Social Responsibility

There are 7 reasons why a company would consider CSR initiatives:

  • Kudos and awards from social monitoring or activist organizations e.g. "best company to work for if you're gay / black / female / care about the environment / whatever..";
  • Appeal to "ethical" investors, both individual and institutional, looking to capitalize on a "feel good" factor;
  • Repair or prevent reputational damage;
  • Repair or prevent physical, financial, environmental or minority damage that they caused.  Sometimes that can be the result of legal proceedings or leaked disclosures;
  • Exert pressure on the upstream and downstream supply chain of goods and services;
  • Appeal to an existing but untapped client market;
  • Position the corporate brand as overtly inclusive or socially aware - for recruitment and marketing campaigns;

 5.   HSBC's "Gay Lions" In Hong Kong

1.   HSBC is a major global bank with historical links to Hong Kong.  Outside its main office at 1 Queen's Road Central sit the bank's 2 lions, Stephen and Stitt.  They symbolize courage and prosperity.  They've been there forever - except that at the end of 2016, for a month, the bank added 2 replicas by a local LGBT artist painted in rainbow colours to symbolize pride and unity in diversity.

Copyright in the video vests in the legal copyright owner.

2.   It's not the first time that HSBC has come out on a highly visible scale in support of LGBT.  Check out this video from 2014 showing HSBC's global celebration:

Copyright in the video vests in the legal copyright owner.

Copyright © 2006 – 2017 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 


Sunday, January 08, 2017

Principles of Faggotry 52

1.   A fag’s habitual and addictive desire for sexual ecstasy, is a substitute for the spiritual ecstasy that he actually craves. 

2.   He’d probably find what he actually craves if he kept that other addiction with the same name - Ecstasy -  out of the picture.

Originally published 2 January 2012
Amended and Republished 17 October 2014 | 8 January 2017

Copyright © 2006 – 2017 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Corporate Gay Activism 1

1.   Not
2.   Yes
3.   Annoying Buzzwords 
4. Reasons For Corporate Social Responsibility
5.  HSBC's "Gay Lions" In Hong Kong

1.   Not

1.   Just to be clear, we are NOT talking about faggots taking their cue from some (white) "celebrity"-self-styled faggot-activist looking to increase their Twitter following by screaming for a boycott of a company because they (and by assumed extension, others) feel "outraged" or "violated".

2.   Yes

1.   We are talking about a company, acting of its own initiative at Board Room level, taking steps supportive of its gay employees and thereby setting a benchmark for public or private companies to emulate. 

2.   In Principles of Faggotry 40 we said this:

1.  Businesses owned by str8s, can be so gay friendly and fun, that fags will line up around the block to work for them.

2.  Businesses owned by fags, employing only fags, can be so hostile and creepy, that fags can't wait to quit.

3.   Annoying Buzzwords

1.   "Corporate Social Responsibility", "CSR", "Corporate Citizenship", "Corporate Conscience".  They all mean the same thing and seek to answer the same question namely:
 "what steps can we take to foster the perception that we're not corporate assholes...?"

2.   For a definition of CSR, we'll turn to the the Financial Times Lexicon, the bible for corporate assholes (underlining and bold print by FuelMix):
Movement aimed at encouraging companies to be more aware of the impact of their business on the rest of society, including their own stakeholders and the environment. 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices. The way it is understood and implemented differs greatly for each company and country. Moreover, CSR is a very broad concept that addresses many and various topics such as human rights, corporate governance, health and safety, environmental effects, working conditions and contribution to economic development. Whatever the definition is, the purpose of CSR is to drive change towards sustainability.

Although some companies may achieve remarkable efforts with unique CSR initiatives, it is difficult to be on the forefront on all aspects of CSR...

3.   So, right there in that definition are the issues with CSR:
  • what to do..?
  • when to do it..?
  • how to do it..?
  • how will shareholders and society react to our initiative(s)..?

4.   The astute reader will guess that in life, it is impossible to please everybody - particularly when it comes to gay issues


4.   Reasons For Corporate Social Responsibility
5.  HSBC's "Gay Lions" In Hong Kong

Friday, January 06, 2017

Principles of Faggotry 51

1.   Fags like to think they’re always looking for something new  - new fashions, new dance tracks, new clubs, new underwear, new slang, new drugs, a new guy.....

2.   But…..when they hang out in a chat room, a hookup app,  or surf porn, hit the bars, the streets, the toilets, the parks, the beaches, the shopping malls and the saunas looking for another new sexual encounter, they’re just repeating an old habit.

Originally published 20 December 2011
Amended and Republished 16 October 2014 | 6 January 2017

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Gay Sauna Write Off List

1.   As at January 2017, here is the list of gay saunas in Hong Kong that FuelMix, in a subjective overall assessment pursuant to his published reviews (and input from GAM-Throats-On-The-Street), has written off as a waste of time and money.

2.   Readers can show up at those venues, draw their own conclusions and submit a review.

3.  Readers should see Why Did We Write Off Some Saunas?  for additional observations.

4.  Readers are also referred to  Talking To Adam 14 for an overall view of the saunas in Hong Kong.

5.  The surprising conclusion from our assessments is that all 3 saunas located in the prime downtown tourist and shopping area of Tsim Sha Tsui - Arena, Birds and Galaxy - are write offs.  

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Principles of Faggotry 50

The real reason so many fags wear cargo pants, is that they need to store their emotional baggage on the go.

Originally published 3 December 2011
Republished 16 October 2014 | 6 January 2017

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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Arena Sauna 9


2/F Wing Hing Mansion
16 Granville Circuit
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit B

Tel: 2301 4500 (same number as the now defunct ABC)
Staff speak English

FuelMix Writes Off Arena.  Will Not Show Up.  Will Not Upload His Reviews.

Yeah...we's been open about 4 months.

FuelMix showed up at Arena in the middle of a 3 day public holiday in what would have been Prime Time, namely 9pm. Not having been for several weeks and only hearing negative reviews about Arena, he figured that a holiday weekend would be the best time to see if anything had improved.

It hadn't.

1.   Entry Fee And Sticker Shock

1.   In Arena Sauna 8, we said this:
We know at the moment, Arena is not getting a lot of people and initial reports about it were disappointing.

We know Alexander is closing down on 30 November 2016 and their staff are actively directing people to Arena.

So...why in fuck's name are Arena charging HK$130.00 entry on weekdays and HK$150.00 on weekends and public holidays..??  Is that how they expect people to show up..??

2.   Sure enough, FuelMix got charged HK$150.00.  When he got to his locker, he discovered that his shopping bag wouldn't fit with his backpack and his clothes.  The staff on duty offered to store it behind the Reception and charged FuelMix an extra HK$30.00 making his entry fee HK$180.00.

3.  FuelMix got pissed off and asked why.  Staff pointed to a metallic sign above the payment grille which stated that an additional charge of HK$30.00 would be levied on large items.

4.  FuelMix said that he had never been charged anything by Alexander (who once stored a brand new 19-inch flat computer screen behind the counter), ABC (who several times stored cabin baggage that FuelMix used for shopping downtown) and Action (who stored his shopping bags from Sogo). All were part of the same ownership.  In fact, no sauna in town had charged FuelMix anything extra for behind-the-counter storage.

5.  Staff shrugged and said, "new policy".  FuelMix seethed with anger but had no choice but to accept it.

2.   The Clientele

1.   5 GAMs of differing ages and below average bodies. Absolutely zero to look at.  4 of them with sky-high attitude.

3.   The State Of The Premises

1.   Ohhh yeahhh.....Remember what Alexander and Club Houzz looked like in the months leading to their closure..?  Here's what FuelMix saw in Arena that evening:
  • Filthy toilets;
  • 25 uncollected used towels on the floor and the towel rack;
  • The Steam Room looked like a nigga ghetto with open condom packets, used condoms, empty lube packets and used towels strewn all over the floor;
  • Each of the only 4 private cabins littered with open condom wrappers, used condoms, empty lube packets and toilet paper;

4.   What One GAM Customer Told FuelMix 

FuelMix:  What went on here..?  Why is this place such a mess..?

GAMCustomer:  Oh...there were about 12 to 15 people here.  They left nearly 2 hours ago.

FM:  What did they look like..? Gym guys..?

GAMC:  No, no...average guys like me...not muscle guys, some skinny young guys, fat guys, old guys

FM:  They left nearly 2 hours ago..??  Did another group of guys come in since then..?

GAMC:  No...only you

FM:  How long have you been here..?   

GAMC:  About 7 hours

FM:   How many people came in over the last 7 hours?

GAMC:  About 12 to 15...

FM:  The same people who made this mess?

GAMC:  Yes...[giggles]

FM:  What's so funny?

GAMC:  The Staff have not cleaned anything up.....just talking

FM:   Those 3 guys behind the counter?

GAMC:  Only one of them is Staff.  The other two are his friends...talking for nearly 2 hours.  Because not many people come here, they leave everything to make it look busy...but actually only 12 to 15 people for about 7 hours.  Not very good hah..?

FM:  Why do you come here then..?

GAMC:  For me it is so-so.....I can get some know, average guy with average guy.  But I don't like this small, too cramped...only 4 private rooms.  Not as big as ABC or Alexander.....they are so stupid to design it like this.....cannot relax here.....not comfortable

FM:   But you stayed for 7 hours...

GAMC:   Yes...I am horny and it is public holiday, so nothing to do just now

FM:  Do you like this place..?

GAMC:  No.....not really.....for Tsim Sha Tsui this is very sad.  Galaxy gets more people and more action  than this place.  And they are much older and more dirty...

FuelMix had heard enough and had enough. He got dressed.  As he was leaving, a chubby customer arrived and the Staff started to clean up the place.  FuelMix left after 50 minutes.

Readers may submit their reviews of Arena. 

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Resolution 2017

Just shut up and listen...