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Hail Satan 6

 FuelMix does not have any religious or political affiliation


9.  Why Isn't Faggot Media Talking About Gay Satanic Porn..?

 1.  Quite simply, Faggot Media has an image problem on their hands. (Forget their credibility, that was fucked long ago).

2.  Over the last 25 years, there has been a carefully orchestrated (some would say manipulated) campaign to integrate gay men as "normal" i.e hot, well groomed, athletic and who just happen to like cock.  In other words, the gayness was just sexy and incidental (except when Faggotry and its enablers demanded that gay men feel "outraged" or "violated" and then fired up the Engine Of Faggotry which we've previously written about).

3.  So, there was all the usual men going to church, gay men going on gay holiday tours, gay men shopping together, gay men wanting to marry, gay men wanting to have kids, gay men wanting to serve in the military, gay men as porn stars and models, gay men on TV, gay men giving image advice to straight guys.

(A)  Faggotry's Problem:  Standard Gay Behaviour

4.   With the explosion of the Web over the last 20 years, gay porn in all its forms became ubiquitous and accessible.  From vanilla to extreme raunch, it's all there. Mostly free. A lot of it pirated.  A lot of it amateur produced. A lot of it on sharing sites like Tumblr.  It's hard to get away from.

5.   That level of accessibility and saturation, causes a change in the mindset of the gay Web user:
  • there's just SOOOO MMUUUCCHHH porn to explore; AND
  • niche porn becomes easier to find and easier to relate to either as a fetish or a preference. For example gay bukkake, gay double penetration, gay bareback, cum swallowing, rimming, pissing, gay scat, gay incest; AND
  • a brazen exhibitionism, parroting the explicit porn already online, kicks in; AND
  • a desire to seek out like-minded guys via online ads or hookup apps;

6.   Then ADD the fundamental gay propensity towards:
  • hedonism; AND
  • porn addiction; AND
  • drugs; AND
  • self-indulgence; AND
  • sexual curiosity; AND
  • promiscuity; AND
  • distraction;

AND one begins to see how gay men drift into gay satanic porn.  Make no mistake about it, there is tons of gay satanic porn out there.  Do a Google search for gay satanic porn on Tumblr and see what pops up.  It's popularity is huge and appears to be growing - particularly in the West.

(B)  Faggot Media Must Shut Up About Gay Satanic Porn: They Have No Choice


Sunday, December 04, 2016

What Is PrEP...? 3

4.  Gay Men Bragging About PrEP In The Saunas 


Thursday, December 01, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 37

The very fags whining online that they don't want "endless e-mails" are the ones uploading endless ads.....

Originally published 7 March 2011
Republished 5 October 2014  | 1 December 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

A Letter To Santa

FuelMix's 2016 Letter To The Fat Man In Red

Like Everything Else In This Blog, We Hold Nothing Back...


Dear Santa 

1.   There are only a few more nights left before you start racking up the air miles and get tracked by NORAD, FBI, NSA, CIA, MI6  or whoever else wants to assassinate you by drone or nibble at your privacy.  You've been bragging for years that you know if someone's been naughty or nice.  No doubt they would be interested to know the source of your wealth which facilitates the purchase and international distribution of specifically requested gifts - all without affiliate marketing, offshore subsidiaries, charitable donations, PayPal or known terrorist financing.  For some reason, as yet unexplained, you don't appear to pay your dwarves who are the backbone of your logistics operations.

2.   Those pedophiles in high places must have read the letters the kids mailed to the North Pole and you should be wary of entrapment, based on your insistence that all boys and girls must be in bed when you arrive.

3.   I've been predicting the revelation of a major global pedophile scandal and I'd just hate to see you involved or exposed via Wikileaks. You could find yourself on the run and subject to extradition. With allegations of global warming, climate change and shrinking Arctic ice, you might not have a place to live soon.  Foreign embassies would be most reluctant to give you sanctuary.

4.   I'd invite you to my pad in Very Rich Megacity, but the building management would have issues with your year-round surveillance of minors (without a warrant), history of seasonal late nite home invasions, flamboyant dress sense and questionable dietary habits. The place is not pet-friendly so reindeer shit would be a problem.

5.   Santa, this is supposed to be the Festive Season, but it seems to me that this is the start of the Truth Or Fake Season.  Thanks to the web, in 2016 we witnessed the definitive implosion of large chunks of western Corporate Media's credibility. They have been exposed as utter liars, manipulative censors, disinformation agents, propaganda spinners and warmongers.

6.   It is ironic that it was Asian, Russian and Middle East media together with independent analytical bloggers in the west and elsewhere that produced true, accurate reports. 

7.   So what does western media do..?  Accuse everybody else of being "agents of Russian propaganda", publish an accusatory list of websites and then "teach" people how to spot "fake news".  Gee Santa, isn't that a case of the pot calling the kettle black..?"  Is it really surprising that white guys are so fuckin' ignorant and gullible that the civilized world just laughs at them..?

8.   And since you live on the North Pole, which is mainly surrounded by Russia, does that make you a Russian agent too..?  Is that why you wear red all the time..?? 

9.   As you know Santa, I have a little niche blog.  I don't do any social media advertising 'coz I don't have the time and truthfully, when I tried, it didn't bring me any readers.  It's no big deal since in 2016 Facebook, Reddit and Twitter were exposed as actively censoring alternative views.  Sounds like anti-social media to me.  

10.  Readers come from recommendations from existing readers or from those doing a Google search.  Given the garbage, politically correct propaganda and complacency pumped into gay men by Lamestream Faggot Media it's not surprising that some readers are shocked when reading this blog. I do my best to present an intelligent, alternative point of view.  I refuse to be politically correct because it is a dangerous form of censorship. I'm grateful that readers' feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive and it keeps me going when I feel I'm all alone and nobody gives a damn.  Several times I've been moved to tears when readers confided that my blog saved their life.

Here's my list of Goodies for 2017:

(1)  Encourage gay men to look inside themselves for the answers instead of running to the nearest agenda-dripping activist, celebrity or politician; or blaming everyone else for the problems of their lifestyle.

(2)  Teach gay men good financial habits as the world's corrupt banking systems collapse, so they won’t be up to their shaved balls in debt and resort to being part time hustlers, petty thieves, drug dealers or maxed out on their credit cards. 

(3)  Encourage at least one gay man somewhere to realize that being a “recreational drug user” is just a way of being a part time addict and he’ll put down the crack pipe or throw away those cigarettes and amphetamines forever.   

(4)  Give gay men personal integrity so they can move on from being fucked-up, drug-fucked, lying politically correct flakes. Having integrity isn't about being a saint, Santa. It's about aligning yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When a person's aligned, they take a  more holistic view of their own behaviour. What they give out, is what they get back.  How many more wounded fags does the world need...?

(5)  Tell gay men to love themselves instead of  resenting that they don't resemble that (soon-to-be-looking-like-shit) tattooed white porn star or that attitudinal-soaked muscledude in the gym on whom they spy in the Locker Room while they plot to steal his underwear.

(6)  For those  younger guys realizing they're gay, or those Miserably Married Fags and closet bi-curious jocks who get caught by their wives or GFs in the coming year, help them to finally speak their personal truths.  Or better stilljust dump the bitch and hit the saunas. 

(7) Please Santa, get gay men to understand Emotional Intelligence.  It's the key to avoiding habitually settling for half-baked, deceitful, assymetric relationships, censored by silence leaving both men bitter and wounded.  Get gay men to be the man they want to attract. In time, the right guy will show up, as if by magic. Magic still happens doesn’t it Santa.....? 

(8)  Keep the world safe for all of us and bless every gay man with Courage. It's not the politically correct gay ideology that's tearing us apart - although God knows it's done enough damage. It’s the cynical suppression of those questions and new ideas that would bring every gay man to a higher level of Being.  


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 36

You know that Faggotry is headed off a cliff when it is ASSUMED online that UNLESS a fag specifically says "NO CHEMS", he's into them.

It's that bad.  And it will only get worse.

Does the stupid fag have any idea just how offensive such an assumption is?

Originally published 13 February 2011
Republished 3 October 2014 | 30 November 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

What Is PrEP..? 2


3.  Gay Men Announcing Their PrEP Use Online
4.  Gay Men Bragging About PrEP In The Saunas 

3.  Gay Men Announcing Their PrEP Use Online

1.   Over the last few months, here in Very Rich Megacity, (and we suspect elsewhere in Western cities with high concentrations of gay men) we've spotted online profiles on Craigslist, chatrooms, escort sites and phone apps where guys seeking M2M hookups gave their stats, a pic and a statement that they were - and are - on PrEP.  

2.   In several cases the guys have gone further by announcing when they were last checked for STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), their current STD, status - AND that they have their latest STD certificate which they are prepared to show. (In some cases, demanding reciprocal disclosure).

3.   Let's be more precise and put it into context.  The hookup ads that we saw were from Western tourists visiting Very Rich Megacity.  They would have obtained PrEP by prescription from doctors in their home countries.

4.   Unless we've missed something, whilst PrEP has been available in Very Rich Megacity since 2014, as at May 2016, PrEP is only available by prescription in private clinics - at a cost of HK$8,500.00 - HK$10,000.00 (US1,080.00 and up) for one month's supply.  The cost is not covered by government subsidy and is not covered by private medical insurance.   That explains why it isn't the local GAMs mentioning PrEP in their online profiles.  They can't afford it. Period.

5.   Let's put it into context again.  In this city, buying a slice of Viagra (under the counter without a prescription) costs about HK$300.00.  Cut it in half and you can get double the mileage.

4.  Gay Men Bragging About PrEP In The Saunas 


What Is PrEP..? 1

  • .....and why are gay men announcing in their online profiles that they're taking it..?
  • .....and why are gay men bragging about it in the saunas..?
  • (.....and why are some doctors allegedly refusing to prescribe it to gay men...?) 

1.   Slick Advertising
2.   All The Right Buzzwords 
3.  Gay Men Announcing Their PrEP Use Online
4.  Gay Men Bragging About PrEP In The Saunas

1.   Slick Advertising

2.  All The Right Buzz Words...

(underlining and bold print by FuelMix):
"A once a day pill that keeps you HIV negative

Why PrEP?

PrEP allows guys to be in control of their HIV status.  Control means more confidence all round.

PrEP provides around the clock protection against HIV.  When you take PrEP once a day, you are always protected.

PrEP relieves stress and anxiety that can be associated with sex.  When you're with that special guy, PrEP allows you to connect and be in the moment.

Neg or Poz, we all share responsibility for HIV prevention.  With PrEP negative guys have an additional tool that they can use to proactively be in control of their HIV status.  When PrEP is in the equation, positive guys can be confident that their partners are well protected."


3.  Gay Men Announcing Their PrEP Use Online
4.  Gay Men Bragging About PrEP In The Saunas

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 35

1.  When fags are dying of AIDS as a result of reckless recreational sex, they'll scream that the government should do more for them so that they can die with dignity.

2.  When fags are killing themselves from recreational drugs, they'll turn indignant and scream that it's nobody else's business.

Originally published 4 February 2011
Amended and Republished 3 October 2014  | 29 November 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Galaxy Sauna 23

5th Floor, Harilela Mansion
81 Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit C
Tel: 2366 - 0629

No website that FuelMix knows of

(1)  NOT open 24 hours - Usually 12 noon to 11pm (previously 2pm to 11pm)
(2)   Staff do NOT speak good English on the phone.

see Galaxy Sauna 20

Galaxy Smartens Up..!!  (Well, sorta...)

"Hey FuelMix..!!"  squealed the local fag somewhere deep in Harbour City.  FuelMix was stepping out of the Louis Vuitton shop (which was laughably overpriced and stuffed with the usual label-chasing, money-laundering, etiquette-deficient our Mainland Brothers And Sisters despite "the economic downturn") "...have you been to Galaxy lately..?"

"Nah.." said FuelMix

Fag:  They have smartened up the place..!!

FM:  No way..!!

Fag:  Yeeessss!!... They have new clean lockers, no more dirty rusted ones.  And they have removed some lockers.  So the changing area is much more open and clean...!!

FM:  Wow... and the rest of the place..?

Fag:  Same ol' shit...with more mature fat white tourists

FM:  Oh...

Fag:  Yeeesssss..!!  They are coming to Galaxy because they are too fat to fit into Central Escalator's small space HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!

FM:  [snickers] 
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Big Top Gym And Sauna 21

3rd Floor, Yuet Yuen Building
17 - 19 Mong Kok Road
Mong Kok
Hong Kong
MTR: Mong Kok Station, Exit A2

Tel: 2628 6196

Note: Open 2pm to 8am the next day; 
On weekends and public holidays open 2pm till 10am the next day. 
Staff speak good English 

Japanese Twinks In Big Top...!!!

Just over 15 weeks after his last visit, FuelMix dropped into Big Top on a cold, wet Saturday early evening.  The place was packed with a variety of body shapes and ages.  All GAMs.  Not a single white or black guy to be seen (although they had shown up in the past).

But the biggest surprise was that there were 6 Japanese twinks in there.  They were tourists and were not part of a group.  By some synchronicity, they had all shown up in Big Top by themselves at different times.  2 gave themselves away immediately as Japanese.  They were wearing their underwear in the shower distinctly surprised that everybody else was naked. They soon got the "hang" of it.

Big Top hands out small towels and a few of the Japs were a bit fazed. They initially kept their underwear on and placed the small towels on their heads, "Onsen" style.  A few helpful local GAMs politely told them that nudity was the dress code and that the small towels were to cover their dicks if necessary.  Much bowing by the Japs in appreciation.

They're pretty shy when it comes to cruising.  If they like your bod, they'll smile and come a little closer.  You gotta make the first move.  Then they'll come closer.  When the Jap twink finally touched FuelMix's body,  FuelMix was amazed how gentle and feminine the twink's touch and kisses were.

Being hungry for every new sensation he could get (apologies to Martha Graham),  FuelMix maneuvered this Jap twink into enticing another twink in Japanese to play with FuelMix in a 3-some.  The other Jap twink grinned and nodded in agreement, kissing FuelMix's hand.

So there was FuelMix in a private room getting massive oral body worship by 2 skinny Jap twinks.  Everything FuelMix had heard about the femininity of some of these skinny Jap twinks was true.  They sigh, squeal and kiss like women - only better.  If they like your body,  they will dedicate themselves to chronic servicing, their mouths licking, kissing, sucking and tasting just about everything.  Their gentleness and dedication is exquisite.  Their feminine qualities overtakes their boyishness....

.....and they are greedy, GREEDY cum swallowers.

Fuck, yeah...!! FuelMix could have eaten sushi off them.

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Friday, November 25, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 34

A fag will snort a gram of coke.  But he'll choke on a grain of truth.

Originally published 27 January 2011
Republished 1 October 2014  | 25 November 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

California Fitness, Hong Kong 5

Even When They're Dead, They Seem To Be Devious...


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Arena Sauna 8


2/F Wing Hing Mansion
16 Granville Circuit
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit B

Tel: 2301 4500 (same number as the now defunct ABC)
Staff speak good English

Why The Fuck Does Arena Charge HK$150.00 On Weekends..??

We're happy that a newish sauna has opened in Tsim Sha Tsui and that it's open 24 hours.

We're not thrilled about the layout, it feels cramped and there aren't enough private rooms.

We know at the moment, Arena is not getting a lot of people and initial reports about it were disappointing.

We know Alexander is closing down on 30 November 2016 and their staff are actively directing people to Arena.

So...why in fuck's name are Arena charging HK$130.00 entry on weekdays and HK$150.00 on weekends..??  Is that how they expect people to show up..??
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Principles of Faggotry 33

1.   As children, little fags are polite, considerate, thoughtful and respectful to the elders in their community.

2.   As adults, the same fags are uncouth, inconsiderate, thoughtless and utterly disrespectful to the elders in their "community".

3.  No fag can really explain how or why this transition occurred.

Originally published 30 December 2010
Republished 30 September 2014 | 22 November 2016

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Abercrombie And Fitch Dude 2

In Abercrombie And Finals, we observed:

Over the past few weeks, FuelMix wandered into the Abercrombie & Fitch store here in Very Rich Megacity to buy (yeah....the admittedly overpriced) stuff.  He was puzzled to notice that not only was the shop virtually empty in the afternoons and evenings, but the usual assortment of cute staff guys was nowhere to be seen.  In fact, on the main floor there were only 2 dudes on shift. The 2 guys that usually stand at the door to greet customers were absent.  Even the shirtless muscle guy wasn't around.

And now we discover that this huge Abercrombie And Fitch store in Central is going to shut down by the middle of 2017:
US fashion chain Abercrombie & Fitch will close its four-storey ­flagship store in Central as early as next year amid the economic downturn and a slump in shoppers from the mainland.

The 25,600 sq ft store on ­Pedder Street opened in 2011, paying HK$7 million in rent per month, double that of previous tenant Shanghai Tang.

It has initiated an early exit ­before its lease expires in 2019.

“The company exercised a lease kick-out option for its A&F flagship store in Hong Kong,” the retailer said on Friday. It claimed the move was “part of the ­company’s ongoing strategic review” and “was expected to drive economic benefit over time”.

The closure of the store should be “substantially complete” by the end of the second quarter of fiscal year 2017.

The move would trigger a “lease termination charge” of ­approximately US$16 million in the next quarter, it said.

There would be no Abercrombie & Fitch branded store in the city after, but the company intended to add five stores on the mainland by the end of January.

Purely unscientifically, we think A&F went downhill sometime ago - when they stopped hiring the muscle boys and jocks and switched to a kinder, gentler image of cute college boys.  We noticed an immediate drop in customer foot traffic and what used to be gay gawkers trying to cruise the muscle boys.

Anyone else noticed that  in 2016 gay boy venues here in Very Rich Megacity are shutting down..?
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Alexander Sauna
  • ABC Sauna
  • California Fitness
  • and.....??
 © Copyright 2006-2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved

My Way Sauna 15


4th Floor, Kuo Wah Building
340 Hennessy Road
Hong Kong

MTR: Wanchai, Exit A4 - but it's a long walk;  OR Causeway Bay, Exit B
My Way is actually about 5 minutes walk from Action Sauna in Causeway Bay.

Telephone: 25749098

Price: Standard Entry HK$150.00  | Under 25 HK$70.00
Open 24 hours

1.  My Way Sauna and Jungle Sauna are under the same ownership;
2.  Staff speak good English (standard of English has improved at both places);
3.  All prices and promotions are in Chinese on their website;
4.  My Way Sauna and Jungle Sauna open 24 hours; 

1.  My Way The Flagship Sauna In Hong Kong
2.  The Hottest And Best Looking Guys
3.  Yeah...Some Attitude (Not As Bad As Hutong)

1.  FuelMix was at My Way on a Saturday night, about 10 weeks after his last visit.  The lighting was dim, the music good and the place was filling up fast.....slim/skinny, gym fit, gym built and some muscle guys.  The guys there were of all ages.  Predominantly in the 18 to 35 age range but also older. All local GAMs. Overall quite attractive.

2.  If you want fun at My Way, at least be Fit or Athletic or better. Chubby guys showed up too but they didn't stay long and/or didn't get any action.

3. There were no whites in My Way during the time FuelMix was there.

4.  There were ZERO Mainland Chinese guys, so far as FuelMix could tell.  Word on the street is that having infested the soon-to-be-closing-down Alexander (last day 30 November 2016), they were showing up at Hutong which is rumoured to be going downhill. See Hutong Sauna 17.

5.  In the light of his conversations on the street over the last month  it appears that My Way is gaining in popularity with Big Top, a much smaller space coming in second. See Hutong Sauna 17.

6.  Truthfully, there is a lot of attitude in My Way and it takes a thick skin, confidence and diligence to cut through it. Once you do, it is possible to get information and action from and with the local Hong Kong guys.  FuelMix chatted to 6 guys in My Way from twink, to gym built:
  • They appeared to confirm what he had written in Hutong Sauna 17.  Namely, My Way is regarded as the flagship sauna in town and is attracting the hotter gym-built or muscular Asian guys from Hong Kong.
  • Guys were showing up from Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore. 
  • Staff in My Way are friendly. Customers don't feel they are being ripped off;
  • Lots of space to play; 
  • Best time on weekdays is between 5pm and 10pm (although early afternoon action is possible with cheaper entry fee before 4pm);
  • Friday evenings said to be particularly fun;
  • Saturdays early afternoon to late;
  • Sundays early afternoon till about 9pm;
  • The 6 guys we spoke too claimed to have been regulars at Hutong but had now dumped it for the same reasons set out by others in Hutong Sauna 17;
7.  So...what's going on here..?  Could it be that just as everything else in the world is shifting, so too, is the alleged popularity of saunas..?  Afterall, gay men are notoriously fickle.  And if they are showing up at a sauna where they feel they are getting ripped off for a number of reasons...well they probably are and will look for alternatives.

8.  Given the similarity of recent comments  concerning My Way and Hutong, we have linked these 2 posts and they will show up under both My Way and Hutong labels.

(FuelMix got action 5 times at My Way on Saturday nite with gym built guys, so no complaints there - although it took a while and then it happened in quick succession).
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Friday, November 18, 2016

Hutong Sauna 17


2/F Kar Wong Building
639 - 645 Shanghai Street
Mong Kok
Hong Kong
MTR: Mong Kok Station, Exit A2

(Cross Shanghai Street from Mong Kok Station Exit A2Building entrance is actually on the pedestrian-only part of Fife Street)

Tel: 2396 9595
Web: Hutong Sauna
Open 24 hours   

 1. Hotness Factor Crashes.....
 2.  Customers Fed Up Of High Prices
3.  Toxic Attitude Of The Guys Who Show Up 

At first, we were skeptical.  Then...

1.  A Fugly but friendly GAM-Throat-On-The-Street who'd given info in the past, informed FuelMix (whilst stroking his hairy thighs) that Hutong had abandoned their notorious "door policy" of age, look and body restrictions...and were now letting anybody in, anytime.  Previously, less desirable looking types might be let in during off-peak times or simply rejected at the door.

2.   Word on the street is that they need the money.  FuelMix shrugged it off.

3.   A few days later a cute horny college twink, who by his own admission is soooo horny that he hits the saunas 3 times a week (he gets massively discounted entry), told us that the boys in Hutong were not that hot anymore and that there were out of shape guys, fat boys and average middle aged guys.  He had switched his mouth and ass to Big Top and My Way.

4.  Couple of days later, another twink who kindly showed FuelMix a "very interesting" staircase in Tsim Sha Tsui, said he was getting fed up of Hutong because the guys were not as hot as before.

5.  Few days after that, FuelMix was ambushed by a group of 3 of his GAM-Throats-On-The-Street twittering about Hutong. Gym fit types, they had stopped going there and were not getting discounted entry.  They felt the official rate of nearly HK$180.00 was too steep and not worth it.  Yeah, the premises were nice, but waaaay too much Stand And Model, toxic attitude, little action and muscular GAMs bitching and gossiping like women. The customer hotness level was not what it used to be. They had switched to Big Top And My Way.

6.   Few days after that, FuelMix ran into a personal trainer he hadn't seen in a while. Nice body, nice attitude.  A known regular at Hutong, FuelMix asked what the deal was.  The trainer rolled his eyes, confessing he was pissed off at the place and had been for sometime.  It was too expensive, bitchy muscle queens with toxic attitude waiting for "Mr Perfect", ugly chubby guys, middle aged Mainland Chinese showing up with no looks or manners. Where had he showed up a few times..? My Way.  "Thing is.." he said, 
"I work in Kowloon but live in Sheung Wan, so I used to stop in Hutong on weekday evenings on my way home.  I have to travel further from Kowloon to Causeway Bay just to get to My Way.  So now, I go to My Way on Friday evenings or weekends. There is no good sauna in Kowloon side anymore.   Hutong has gone downhill, Alexander is just terrible and thank God they're closing, they opened Arena which is open 24 hours, but it is not getting that many people and the place seems small."

7.   Riding on the MTR, FuelMix bumped into a stud puppy he'd chatted to and played with in Big Top.  He was a college jock with a gym built body.  He complained that Hutong was too expensive and took too long to get action.  Big Top was cheaper and even though the premises were smaller, it could be fun.  Alternatively he would show up at My Way.  
"Lots of guys coming in the door at My Way, staff are friendly....good bodies and faces. Yeah there are chubby guys and really skinny guys too, but it was a mixed local crowd that you could choose from all ages.  Also, there is a lot of space in My Way, plenty of room to walk around and many private rooms.  Overall, more gym fit or muscular types showing up at My Way."

8.   Sitting in Starbucks, FuelMix chatted to the slim-fit perpetually horny early 30s Flight Attendant working for Cathay Pacific.  Addicted to coffee, sucking cock and swallowing cum, he would show up at Hutong.  But now...?
"Nah....just too expensive, too much standing around, the muscular guys  have lousy attitude. You suck them off once or twice and you see them in Hutong again, they just turn and look the other way.  After a while you kinda think, WTF..??!!  Not even basic manners to say 'hi'. I stopped going a while back and show up at Big Top or My Way.  I prefer My Way 'coz it has a lot of space to play all over the place and no shortage of good looking guys coming in.  Since I work on shifts, I can go to My Way during the week either in the afternoons or evenings up till 10pm and still get action. On Fridays and Saturdays, a lot of gym built guys there. And the place is also open 24 hours."

9.  That's the latest report from the street on Hutong (plus Big Top and My Way) received within the last 4 weeks.  Readers can draw their own conclusions.

10.  Given the similarity of recent comments  concerning My Way and Hutong, we have linked these 2 posts and they will show up under both My Way and Hutong labels.

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Gay Monogamy : Sauna Style


"Do you know what the young Chinese boys actually want when they come to the sauna..?" proclaimed the Slim 30s GAM who for the last 25 minutes, had made a career of licking FuelMix's armpits and balls, and was now watching FuelMix soaping himself under the shower, "what they want is true love...they want a real boyfriend they can count on...a real monogamous committed a relationship..!!  I talk to them a lot and that's what they tell me..!!"

"I don't agree", said FuelMix lathering his crotch, "when I watch them, they're fucking bareback, giving attitude, smoking, scrolling through Facebook or WhatsApping or lying on the phone to their parents as to where they are".

S30sGAM: Nooo..!!  They are desperate for monogamy and a real boyfriend..!!

FM:  A gay sauna is for casual sex mostly. Some people will come looking for a boyfriend but I seriously doubt whether the majority of Chinese twinks are showing up looking for a boyfriend

S30sGAM:  You might be surprised how stupid and naive they are

FM: Yeah, true

S30sGAM:  Do you have a boyfriend?

FM:  Not anymore. We broke up

S30sGAM:  Why..?

FM:  I wanted to move back to Asia for reasons that had nothing to do with him.

S30sGAM:  So just like that you ended it and dumped him..??!!

FM:  No...he knew several months beforehand that I'd be leaving.  We talked about it and realized it would be very tough to have a long distance relationship, taking into account each other's careers.  We came to the conclusion that breaking up was the best thing to do.

S30sGAM: didn't love him enough to make it work!!  You loved YOUR career more than him!!

FM:  Actually, I loved him too much to wreck HIS career.

S30sGAM:  Well...I already HAVE a boyfriend whom I'm going to marry one day.  I am sooo committed to him and WE are monogamous!!

FM:  Monogamous..??  What the hell are you doing in a sauna then..??

S30sGAM:  I am looking for emotional and monogamous commitment.  That's why I show up.

FM:  Whoa...dude..YOU said how desperate for a boyfriend and monogamy the twinks were and that's why they showed up at saunas looking for true love...then YOU said you already have a boyfriend to whom you are committed and monogamous...AND then YOU said you show up at saunas looking for emotional and monogamous commitment.  WTF...??!!

S30sGAM:  Are you always so judgmental..??

FM:  Dude...I am trying to figure out what YOU mean by monogamy and emotional commitment.  Where is your boyfriend now..?

S30sGAM:  He's not in town...he's traveling

FM:  Yeah..? Where..?

S30sGAM:  I dunno...

FM:  When is he coming back..?

S30sGAM:  I dunno...

FM:  Is he monogamous for you..?

S30sGAM:  I dunno.  I never asked.

FM:  So...YOU claim to have a boyfriend to whom YOU are committed and monogamous, yet YOU don't know where he is right now, and YOU don't know whether he's faithful to you, so... that's why YOU come to a sauna, licking ass, hoping you'll find a boyfriend...right..?

S30sGAM:  You are so fuckin' judgmental.....[storms off]

[FM gets cruised by a GAM twink who kneels down and eats FM's ass under the shower]

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 32

A dumb fag with a smart phone is a dangerous combination.

Originally published 2 December 2010
Republished 30 September 2014 | 13 November 2016

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Hail Satan 5


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8.   Why Are Those In The West Embracing Satanic Worship?
9.   Why Isn't Faggot Media Talking About Gay Satanic Porn?

8.  Why Are Those In The West Embracing Satanic Worship?

1.   Let's start with the premise that in the West, (the so called "developed world") social, political, financial and economic inequalities have reached highly contentious and distorted levels of dysfunctionality.  The racial and immigrant attacks, violent political agitation and mob attacks are symptoms of something much more serious - and we suspect, something much more deliberate.  Namely, the artificial creation and manipulation of crisis for the purpose of totalitarian control (and in which, the mainstream media is totally complicit).

2.   In other words, at a macro level, what we are witnessing is globally engineered perversion. Remember "perversion" in all its forms is the defining characteristic of satanic worship.

3.   Faced with extreme and absurd levels of distortion in almost every aspect of life, it's not surprising that those in the West - where the financial crash of 2008 was felt the hardest and where "recovery" has been slowest and most distorted, lost faith in and respect for the institutions that defined their society and mainstream versions of "respectability".  That is fertile ground for alternative ideology, however, bizarre it might be.

4.  We find it intriguing that Lamestream Media's coverage of satanic rituals, demonic possession, alleged exorcisms and statements of concern from priests and the Vatican have been dramatically prominent for several months.  What is also intriguing is the apparent revelation that the  victims or followers appear to be white, educated and middle class.  In other words, white urban dwellers and suburbanites.

5.  Given that Lamestream Media is entirely manipulated by The World Management Team, and given that the direct and circumstantial evidence suggests that its mainly white members are themselves followers of a Luciferian ideology, it's not surprising to see so much coverage.  We would go further and suggest that such massive coverage of satanic worship operates as a perverse recruiting tool.  In other words, following one of the rules of propaganda, the more the message is repeated and dramatized, the greater a person's curiosity and the more inclined they are to accept its apparent authenticity.

6.  Therefore, the perversion becomes the perceived Truth in several ways:
  • a rejection of traditional religious doctrine;
  • a rejection of mainstream society;
  • new sacraments via sexually charged rituals that include pedophilia, incest, forced orgies, phallic worship, homosexual encounters, blood and semen drinking, human sacrifice - in other words crossing all human sexual boundaries;
  • satanically charged hypnotic suggestion;
  • complete surrender to lust and addiction (in all its forms) in the name of Satan;


9.  Why Isn't Faggot Media Talking About Gay Satanic Porn..?