Thursday, October 20, 2016

An Exception To The Rule

FuelMix is consistently told that he is better looking than average.  Whether the person saying it is lying or not, who cares....? The compliments are nice, they perk up your day, and let’s face it everybody likes some acknowledgment. 

But… a fag to fuck up even that simple act. 

Every so often, downtown, in the fag bar or in the gym, FuelMix will get hit on and it gets to the stage of a conversation. FuelMix's policy is to always acknowledge somebody’s attention. It shows good breeding and courtesy, even if they're not his type sexually or ethnically.  There are polite, non-personal ways of declining. It requires just as much practice as cruising. They're 2 sides of the same coin.

But there’s nothing more calculated to piss FuelMix off, than a fag who chimes, “I don’t usually look at or wanna have sex with non-Western foreign guys but in your case, I’m willing to make an exception, 'coz I think you’re hot”.

So let's see...
  • Is FuelMix supposed to be grateful he’s been singled out as an exception to a fag’s racial exclusion policy..?
  • Is this some lust driven compromise in which FuelMix is supposed to be a willing participant..?
  • Is the fag dropping his standards or raising them..?
  • Why does the fag need to make such a declaration as part of his cruising technique..?
From personal experience, it is usually the generic white fag that comes out with the lame line quoted above. They appear to think it would trigger FuelMix into dropping his tightie whities. 

Inevitably, it triggers FuelMix into dropping the fag.

Originally published 19 April 2007
Amended and Republished 10 November 2014 | 20 October 2016

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Principles of Faggotry 25

"The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate."

------Joseph Priestley

.....which explains why every technological advancement in communications, just makes it easier for a fag to lie - as a means of denying communication.

That's also why fags are notorious early adapters of cutting edge communication technology, both as a fashion statement and as a declaration of their complete lack of ethics.

Originally published 21 August 2010
Amended and Republished 27 September 2014 | 20 October 2016

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Zombies





We reiterate our suggestion that all readers look at our 7-part series, The Zombies 2015-2017.  The series covers the following topics:

1.  Who Are The Zombies....?
2.  Why Should I Care....?
3.  Zombies Attempt To Sabotage The West
4.  The Financial 3-Way Trap Facing The West - Part 1
5.  The Financial 3-Way Trap Facing The West - Part 2
6.  Zombies Attempt To Sabotage Asia
7.  Zombies Attempt To Sabotage The Planet 
8.  Understanding Your Place In A Shifting World

To our Western readers, or those located in the West, we suggest you focus on Parts 2, 3 and 4.

Individual posts are linked here:

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 1
1.  Who Are The Zombies..?
2.  Why Should I Care..?

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 2
3.   Zombies Attempt To Sabotage The West

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 3
4.  The Financial 3-Way Trap Facing The West - Part 1

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 4
5.  The Financial 3-Way Trap Facing The West - Part 2

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 5
6.  The Zombies Attempts To Sabotage Asia
The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 6
7.  Zombies Attempt To Sabotage The Planet

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 7
8.  Understanding Your Place In A Shifting World 

Judging by the way 2016 is presently unfolding, our comments in each Part appear to be correct.  We maintain our position that 2016 will be an absolutely pivotal year - globally.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Drunk And Horny In The Alley


"Oh man...", groaned the 30-something slim GAM in English reeking of cheap lager, "I am soooo horny..!!.....but I can only suck cock when I've been drinking beer..."  He had cruised FuelMix on the streets of SoHo here in Very Rich Megacity and had followed him into an alley.  It was just after 7pm on a Saturday evening.

"That explains the bloodshot eyes...?" enquired FuelMix

"Heheheheh yeah..." slurred the GAM, his head tilting violently to the left. It was obvious he was drunk and couldn't look straight ahead.  His eyes rolled upward as he staggered, narrowly missing the 2 plump rats that scampered by.

"You should sit down.  You might hurt yourself", said FuelMix

"Why don't YOU sit down..?" slurred the GAM in a slightly leery tone.  Another plump rat scampered by.

"I'm not the one who's drunk", replied FuelMix

" No......I meant why don't YOU sit on MY face..?" mumbled the GAM, his head bowed, "you here. Nobody can see us..."  He pointed to an alcove in the alley, big enough for 3 people which was hidden by debris, stacked cardboard boxes and assorted alley junk.

"I'm not into rats", said FuelMix.

"I'm into YOU...!!" slurred the GAM trying to grin and focus, "you have a hot body..!!" He started licking his lips and stroking his crotch...

"How many beers have you had?" enquired FuelMix.

"I dunno.....about 9 or so..." muttered the GAM staggering slightly, "I have to drink before I can suck cock..."

"Why..?" asked FuelMix

"So I can deny all knowledge of sucking a guy.....I dunno if I'm gay or what.....all I know is that I love cock and swallowing's what I live for after I've been drinking.....I dunno if I'm gay, fuckin' clue.....just need cock and now..!!"

He fell to his knees directly in front of FuelMix, resting his face in FuelMix's crotch, inhaling deeply and gently kissing FuelMix's shorts.

"C'mon man.." he begged, "take it out...feed this boy your load..!!"

"You're too fuckin' drunk" said FuelMix, "you'd probably puke up all over my cock..."

"Duuuuude...." slurred the GAM still kneeling in front of FuelMix, his face still buried in the crotch of FuelMix's shorts while kissing his semi-hardening cock, "I'm an investment banker....bankers can buy anything with cash including a friend..."  He reached into his back pocket, fished out a wallet, pulled out 300 bucks and waved it at FuelMix, gently licking FuelMix's cock through his shorts.

"Investment banker huh..?" sneered FuelMix as a 4th plump rat scampered by in the evening shadows of the darkened alley, "You're already in the company of your friends, buddy.  Pay them."

FuelMix moved to one side.  The kneeling GAM fell face first into a pile of cardboard boxes, still clutching his cash.

FuelMix turned and walked out of the alley.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 24

Gays claim it's abusive to refer to them as "fags".  But when they refer to other gay guys, most of it is abusive.  So it's a case of "abusive" when they receive it, but not when they give it.

Originally published 15 August 2010
Republished 26 September 2014 | 14 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Arena Sauna 7


2/F Wing Hing Mansion
16 Granville Circuit
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit B

Tel: 2301 4500 (same number as the now defunct ABC)
Staff speak good English

It looks like the Fetish aspect of Arena is starting.  GAM guys are strutting around in jockstraps, thongs, metal cockrings, cut-off denim shorts, bringing their toys (one guy had a dildo, another one had a butt plug) and getting into watersports action in the showers.

Also, 30-something in shape white guys are showing up with their fetish wear or toys and getting in on the fun.

How do we know...?  We witnessed all the above on a weekday evening between 7pm and 11pm.  We were surprised at how uninhibited the guys were.  There was lots of group action, including amongst GAMs and GWMs.  It was not limited to the Dark Area but was taking place  in the showers, steam room, locker room and even the TV room.  Some guy were pretty good looking, some were average.  A few had gym bods. We counted about  21 people there at its peak.

We were a bit shocked and disturbed at how much bareback was going on openly.

Be aware that:
1.  At the moment, Arena has only been opened for just over a month.  There are not many people in there and it does not have a constant stream of people coming in 2 or 3 at a time (like Galaxy or My Way or Jungle).  We have been told that, since it is open 24 hours, a few people do come in very late at nite, even during the week, but it is not yet getting packed;

2.  Therefore, it can seem to be dead;

3.  Then, people will start coming in individually and reveal their accessories or fetish.  That's when the fun starts;

4.  It's a tricky call - but it's a combination of patience and timing.  We had previously said 4pm to 9pm during weekdays - but some GAMs there told us Midday to 10:30pm on weekdays and from early afternoons on weekends. We don't know what it's like on weekends as we haven't been;

5.  Remember, although it is not a large space, Arena is designed for group action.  That's what the boss told us;

6.  Getting action in Arena is certainly possible, if you're "dressed to impress" - and have the right accessories (Louis Vuitton tote bag not necessary);

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 23

Urban myth will say that many men are Gay By Design.

Urban fact will show that many men are Fags By Default.

Originally published 10 August 2010
Republished 25 September 2014  | 11 October 2016

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Prostitution In Hong Kong 2


1.   Nightime In "Chicago", Tsim Sha Tsui
2.   The Legality Of Prostitution In Hong Kong

1.   Nighttime In "Chicago", Tsim Sha Tsui

1.   In Thieving Nigga 2, we listed the temptations facing Nigerian and Ghanaian businessmen staying in the cheap (really cheap) guesthouses in the run down Chungking Mansion and even more run down Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui - specifically on the corner of Nathan Road and Mody Road, across from the Holiday Inn Golden Mile, outside the 7-11 store (what FuelMix calls "Chicago"): 

(2)  Sex - in the Tsim Sha Tsui area very close to the cheap hostels and guesthouses in Chungking Mansion and Mirador Mansion where they stay during their trips.  Specifically, they go for the low grade whores that come out late at night on the corner of Nathan Road and Mody Road, outside the 7-11 (which in Part 1 we dubbed "Chicago"). Sometimes the whores are in the company of their unwashed Indian and Pakistani pimps or handlers.

These low grade whores are pretty sad and grizzly to look at.  We would not be surprised if they were part of a human trafficking syndicate. They consist of big-assed niggarettes, Bangladeshi, Indian and Ukranians.  We repeat: they're pretty sad and grizzly to look at.

2.   The Legality Of Prostitution In Hong Kong

1.   Prostitution is legal in Hong Kong.  Everything else related to it, is not.

2.  To put it more precisely, PRIVATE prostitution (male or female) is legal in Hong Kong.


Sunday, October 09, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 22

All the talk about "embracing diversity" in Fagland is a crock.  Travel to any Fagland and once past the superficially alluring physical appearances, the depressing reality is that behaviour, morality and integrity of fags worldwide is consistently sub-standard.  How can uniformly lousy standards amount to "diversity"?

Faggotry in its present form is no different to a global hamburger franchise.  The men may be stacked and super-sized, but neither their meat nor their buns are that good for you - and they both leave a lousy taste in your mouth.

Originally published 12 July 2010
Republished 22 September 2014 | 9 October 2016

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Prostitution In Hong Kong 1

A young man has been arrested for allegedly setting up a high-end massage parlor for homosexuals in Mong Kok.

The 22-year-old was arrested in a sting operation in which a police officer posted as a gay customer.
After being admitted and the service arranged, he raised the alarm and officers raided the parlor in a unit of a commercial building on Nelson Street.

Under the Crimes Ordinance, those who manage a vice establishment face a maximum jail sentence of 10 years.

Masseurs at the parlor were required on its website to have attained tertiary education level or above, while holders of diploma or tertiary degrees in recreation, sports, club management, physical and occupational therapy were listed as "preferable."

Those without such an education background were required to score 5.5 in the International English Language Testing System. Candidates also needed to be able to converse in Putonghua. The age and height of the therapists were listed on the website, while among the services was a "massage by four hands or six hands."

Lubricants, massage beds, condoms, massage oil and HK$4,900 cash were seized in the raid.
Inspector Natalie Lam Pik-ka of the Mong Kok District Special Duty Squad said it had deployed male officers to several undercover operations before the raid.

Police believe the massage parlor was being run by an individual, not triads.

The suspect had operated a smaller parlor in the district and later expanded his business to the 500-square-foot unit on Nelson Street which had seven rooms and three massage beds, according to police.

A police source said the parlor made the HK$4,900 that was seized within two hours of opening on Wednesday night, just before the raid.

The source said the suspect received tertiary education and had been nominated for a school beauty pageant organized by the lifestyle magazine Yes!.

-----"Gay massage parlor boss nabbed in police sting", The Standard, 7th October 2016

FuelMix says:

1.   What a great case study to figure out the legality of Prostitution here in Very Rich Megacity.

2.   It would appear that this 22 year old former high school nominee for a male beauty pageant, decided to use his looks, education and entrepreneurial talent to hire only the better educated sports types with a better than average command of English and Mandarin. (Technically, there is a difference between Putonghua and Mandarin, but why quibble).

3.  Although no details were given in the report about his client base, we're assuming it was aimed at expatriates and Mainland Chinese clients.  In other words, theoretically the clientele is upscale - but Far East Consortium Mongkok Building isn't.

4.  Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui and Wanchai have for decades been the heterosexual massage parlour and brothel centers in Hong Kong. It's not surprising given just how many old, decrepit or nondescript buildings dating from the 1940s and 1950s are found there.   In Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei for example, they virtually line Nathan Road and the side streets.  If you're observant and happen to be in Mong Kok or Yau Ma Tei after, ooooohhh say, 9:30pm, you might even see white males darting into the dingy staircases with the yellow neon signs. (As they pass you, they'll be reeking of beer).

5.  Putting it another way, Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei are sexually charged neighbourhoods as well as hugely popular shopping and eating areas with late nite closing hours. Locating a gay massage parlour in the same area, made perfect sense.

6.   Not convinced..?  The building in which the gay massage parlour was located, is known as Far East Consortium Mongkok Building, 240 - 244 Portland Street, near the corner with Nelson Street:
  • That's next to MTR Exit E1....which just happens to be the Exit to Alexander, located less than 5 minutes away;
  • Not far from MTR Exit A2...which just happens to be the Exit to Big Top and Hutong, located less than 5 minutes away;


The Legality Of Prostitution In Hong Kong

French Man Whores In The City

With the French economy imploding and the French trash who chain-smoke, piss and spit right here in our streets and alleys, just like they do in Paris  being a fast growing foreign clique here in Very Rich Megacity,  the arrival of French man whores on the usual escort sites and local Craigslist pages was predictable.

One even offers a fresh towel.......

We're not sure whether to be delighted or just baffled that this happens to be his Unique Selling Proposition. But it raises a more serious question.........other than height, weight, body type, ethnicity, dick, price and personality, what more can a man whore say to distinguish himself from the predominantly Mainland Chinese crowded competition......?

It's not surprising they throw in the towel......

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!! what.....?? you fuckin' faggots didn't see THAT one coming.....???

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Principles of Faggotry 21

When a fag declares he only has safe sex in the sauna, ask him which part of the sauna.....


There's a high chance you'll see him fucking bareback in the showers, using the shampoo as lube.

Originally published 25 June 2010
Republished 10 September 2014 | 8 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Principles of Faggotry 20

Even if your profile is on the chat room, the first thing the idiot fag will say when he pvts you is, "stats?"

More often than not, this will happen after 9pm in your local time zone, when there is a higher probability that the idiot fag is also drug-fucked.

Originally published 12 June 2010
Republished 6 September 2014 | 8 October 2016

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Friday, October 07, 2016

True Pride 2

True Pride is knowing that as a gay man, you are always improving.

Improving all aspects of your life, incrementally, in small steps.  Always.

True Pride never requires another gay man, an online ad or an App to validate you.

True Pride never requires your colleagues at work to validate you.

True Pride never requires you to come out to anyone.

Except yourself.  For yourself.

True Pride requires you to be Selfish.  To be authentic to yourself and for yourself.

True Pride requires you to act and speak from your Truth as you see it.

True Pride requires You to be brave.

True Pride requires You to be better at who you already are.

.....and then from online, the streets, the office, the bars, the gyms and the saunas, the men will come running.

They will want what you have become.

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved   

Thieving Nigga 3

Stupid Gay White Tourists Looking To Fuck The Downtown Niggas.....What They Don't Know...

3.  They're Muslim And There's A Mosque In (Cruisy) Kowloon Park.
4.  You Think You're Gonna Get One Of Those Niggas Past Hotel Security...??
5.  Tying It All Together

3.  They're Muslim And There's A Mosque In (Cruisy) Kowloon Park

1.  Having correctly said that on Sundays Kowloon Park is an ethnic meat market where the niggas and Pakis are hunting for Filipina pussy and/or hashish, one should also remember that many of these Tsim Sha Tsui niggas are Muslim.  There's a large Mosque in the south-east corner of Kowloon Park, next to the steps leading up to the park from Nathan Road and the Park Lane shops.

2.  What does that mean for the stupid gay white tourist naively looking to suck downtown black cock....?? 

3.  It means that many of these African niggas are rabidly homophobic.  Combine that with Theft, Drugs, Threats and Intimidation which we wrote about in Part 2 and at best, the nigga is gay-for-pay.

4.  It is a very dangerous combination.

4.  You Think You're Gonna Get One Of Those Niggas Past Hotel Security...?

1.  All the major hotels *** in Tsim Sha Tsui are fully aware of what goes on in Golden Mile, Kowloon Park and "Chicago". For example, The Holiday Inn Golden Mile, just across the road from "Chicago" beefs up its security late in the evenings and overnight as the low-grade whores congregate outside Mirador Mansion and their hotel till about 8am in the morning.

2.  These Nigerians and Ghanians stick out like sore thumbs - by the way they look, dress, act and talk.  By themselves, they would not enter the major hotels in the vicinity.  You can call it racial profiling.  It is what it is.  

3.  Where the nigga is in the company of a gullible, naive white fag tourist, expect to be watched and closely observed.  The hotels have a vested interest in their reputation and security. And you, white fag, have a vested interest in your personal safety.

*** Holiday Inn Golden Mile
***Hyatt Hotel, K11
***Kowloon Hotel
***The Peninsula Hotel
***Sheraton Hotel
***Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel
***Marco Polo Prince Hotel
***Marco Polo Gateway Hotel
***Royal Pacific Hotel
***The Salisbury (The YMCA)

4.  What about going back to the nigga's cheap guesthouse or hostel in Chungking Mansion or Mirador Mansion....?  Are you out of your fuckin' mind....??  We've heard anecdotally and from other white tourists' experiences, that it is a set up - and the guesthouse management is not interested in doing anything about it because they rely on a steady stream of niggas for business.

5.  If you're white and hooking up with a white dude who's also staying in those guesthouses, you might be safe.

5.  Tying It All Together

1.  The Niggas in Tsim Sha Tsui are mainly from West Africa.  We won't bother commenting on their health status.  Many of them are Muslim from countries where Sharia Law is prevalent. Even if Sharia Law is not prevalent,  they are rabidly homophobic and easily tempted by low-grade whores and easily available hashish.  The notorious "Chicago" street corner outside the 7-11 is a daily late-nite scene that kicks in from about 11pm till 8am.  Then the niggas sleep during the day.

2.  The niggas move in gangs, minimum 3. A stupid white fag tourist cruising alone for a nigga and not having a fuckin' clue what goes down in Tsim Sha Tsui, is dead meat - day or night.

3.  Stay out of the nigga's guesthouse.  Don't fall for the con to come back to his room.  It's a set up.

4.  Do not bring the nigga back to your hotel room.  It's just not worth it.

5.  Everybody knows that Kowloon Park (and the swimming pool and the locker rooms) is veeeerrrry gay cruisy, 7 days a week, particularly in the evenings.  It is no secret.  Even the str8 guys know it and they are showing up, particularly after work.  On weekends, it gets even more gay or bi-curious cruisy. More white tourists have also found  Because there are (as at October 2016) 3 gay saunas in the vicinity- Galaxy, Birds and Arena (Arena is open 24 hours) - and word gets around.

6.  Be aware that on the gay side, there are Mainland Chinese hustlers (who entice customers back to their guesthouses in Jordan) and some gay-for-Paki or Indian guys.

7. If it's black meat you're after, you are safer hitting the gay saunas around town and seeing what shows up.  We are aware that blacks from the US, UK and Europe show up in  Action, Alexander and Central Escalator. There should not be any issues with them.

8.  We trust that we have now given enough information to the stupid white gay tourist staying in a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel, desperately horny for nigga cock.  We refuse to entertain any allegations that we are racist.  We are calling it like it is.

9.  You have been warned. The rest is up to you.

Originally published 23 October 2015
Amended and Republished 7 October 2016

© Copyright 2006-2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved

    Thieving Nigga 2

    Stupid Gay White Tourists Looking To Fuck The Downtown Niggas : What They Don't Know....

    1.  Why....?
    2.  Getting Street Smart in Very Rich Megacity Before Sucking Black Cock 

    1.  Why....?

    1.   From time to time we've seen online ads from visiting white fags alluding to the numbers of niggas in the downtown core and wanting a hook up with them.  Given that Tsim Sha Tsui is a core shopping and hotel area, such ads are not surprising.

    2.   We think that these white fags need to become locally street smart, to enhance their personal safety.

    2.  Getting Street Smart in Very Rich Megacity Before Sucking Black Cock

    1.   In Part 1 we said that the majority of these niggas in downtown Very Rich Megacity, were from Nigeria and Ghana.  They were businessmen predominantly in the mobile phone business and were peaceful, law abiding types.  Let's qualify that a little.....they are open to temptation.

    (a) Temptation
    1. Theft
    2. Sex
    3. Drugs 
    4. Intimidation and Extortion

    (b)  Tell Me More, Tell Me More....

    1.  Theft - of mobile phones, electronics and cash.

    2.  Sex - in the Tsim Sha Tsui area very close to the cheap hostels and guesthouses in Chungking Mansion and Mirador Mansion where they stay during their trips.  Specifically, they go for the low grade whores that come out late at night on the corner of Nathan Road and Mody Road, outside the 7-11 (which in Part 1 we dubbed "Chicago"). Sometimes the whores are in the company of their unwashed Indian and Pakistani pimps or handlers.

    These low grade whores are pretty sad and grizzly to look at.  We would not be surprised if they were part of a human trafficking syndicate. They consist of big-assed niggarettes, Bangladeshi, Indian and Ukranians.  We repeat: they're pretty sad and grizzly to look at.

    Their clients are mainly the niggas, Indians and Pakistanis from Chungking Mansion; and sometimes the blind-drunk, dirt-cheap white backpacker who's not even worth mugging afterwards.

    But wait....there's more....

    On Sundays the Nigerians and Ghanians hang out at Kowloon Park in Tsim Sha Tsui, very close to Chungking Mansion.  This is because Sundays is the day the Filipina domestic helpers employed all over town get their day off.  It's no secret that the niggas and the Filipinas are looking for sex.

    But on Sundays at Kowloon Park, things get a little more complicated: 
    • The Nigerians and Ghanians are joined by niggas from other African countries who are living in Shenzhen. They are also looking for sex with the Filipina domestic helpers.
    • There are loads of Pakistani men in their 20s and 30s from the Tsim Sha Tsui area and all over town also looking for sex with the Filipina domestic helpers. 
    Basically on Sundays, Kowloon Park turns into a low-grade ethnic meat market.

    Wait......there's more.....

    Sundays is also the favourite cruising day for fags in Kowloon Park.  Actually, the park is notorious for gay guys (and gay-for-pay hustlers from China) 7 days a week - but Sundays is when the whole sex-crazed black, brown and yellow diaspora is in heat, hetero or homo.

    3.  Drugs -  Wherever you find whores, you'll find drugs.  One of the main reasons so many niggas and Pakis hang out at Kowloon Park on Sundays is to pick up high grade hashish smuggled in from Afghanistan.  The dealers are young Pakistani guys who hang around in clusters.  Each group has their own turf in the park.  The Police are well aware of it and patrol the park.

    If you're observant you'll see niggas and Pakis  staggering around the park with blood-shot eyes and a crazed grin.

    4.  Intimidation and Extortion - In Thieving Nigga 1, we described a nigga's amateur attempt at intimidation and extortion on FuelMix.  Understand something.....not only are the niggas here on business, they're also here for sex and drugs.  They need quick cash for one or the other, or both.

    A horny, non-thinking, non-street smart, white tourist fag, unaware of what's actually going down on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui's Golden Mile, or whilst cruising in Kowloon Park, can be in for a rude shock when he thinks he's cruising black cock and can't believe how easy it is.

    Coming Up In Part 3: 

    Stupid Gay White Tourists Looking To Fuck The Downtown Niggas.....What They Don't Know...

    3.  They're Muslim And There's A Mosque In Kowloon Park.
    4.  You Think You're Gonna Get One Of Those Niggas Past Hotel Security...??
    5.  Tying It All Together 

    Originally published 23 October 2015
    Republished 7 October 2016

    © Copyright 2006-2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved

    Thieving Nigga 1

    In the middle of Golden Mile here in Very Rich Megacity, is an enclave of niggas and nigga-rettes (most of them massive-assed whores) which is pretty much centered around the 7-11 store. FuelMix dubbed this area Chicago. 

    The majority of these niggas are African niggas from Ghana and Nigeria. A small percentage live permanently in VRM, but the majority are here on business. Specifically, the mobile phone business whose nigga epicentre is Chungking Mansions, a massive, grubby, dilapidated multi-storey, high rise fire trap that has been around since the early 1950s and is conveniently located right next to the Holiday Inn Golden Mile. 

    There’s tons that can be said about Chungking Mansions, a building as famous as it is notorious, as loathed as much as it is loved. For the purposes of this posting, all the fascinated reader needs to know is that these niggas, who live in the many low-budget guesthouses and hostels in the building, buy hundreds of millions of dollars of new and refurbished mobile phones from the sellers in the building’s shopping arcade for re-sale in Ghana and Nigeria. It’s a huge business and makes Chungking Mansions one of the powerful economic engines of Golden Mile. 

    Usually these niggas are peaceful law abiding types. They mix amongst themselves. Everybody knows who they are, where they stay and what they do. They won’t be found living or working in other parts of VRM.  They will not be seen in the high end areas of Central, SoHo or Admiralty.  You won't even find them in Wanchai.

    However, since these niggas are always on the lookout for mobile phones, there’s a thriving business in stolen phones.  

    One evening, FuelMix was navigating through Chicago when suddenly, a 6' 4" buck-toothed butt-ugly nigga appeared from the crowd next to FuelMix attempting to be friendly. 

    Nigga (with thick African village accent): Hey! Brother……! 

    FuelMix (on high alert): What….? 

    Nigga: Where you from brother? 

    FuelMix (sensing a con): Chicago 

    Nigga: Yeah? Me too !! 

    FuelMix: Which part? 

    Nigga: Oh you know….Chicago it is a big city riii-gght? 

    FuelMix: Whaddya want? 

    Nigga: Can I borrow your mobile phone? 

    FuelMix (points to the hordes of niggas congregating outside 7-11): Ask them 

    Nigga: They don’t have a phone!! C’mon man lend me your phone 

    FuelMix: I’m not carrying one. 

    Nigga: You tourist? 

    FuelMix: Yeah 

    Nigga: Let’s go back to your hotel! 

    FuelMix: Why? 

    Nigga: So I can borrow your mobile phone!! 

    FuelMix: Why don’t you use a public phone? 

    Nigga: No man…!! I wanna use your mobile phone 

    FuelMix: I have a better idea…. 

    Nigga: What’s that brother? 

    FuelMix: See that cop over there? I’ll ask him if you can borrow his mobile phone 

    Nigga: (runs away)

    Originally published 13 June 2008
    Amended and Republished 22 October 2015 | 7 October 2016

    Coming Up In Part 2:  
    Stupid Gay White Tourists Looking To Fuck The Downtown Niggas: What They Don't Know....

    Thursday, October 06, 2016

    Principles of Faggotry 19

    An autopsy report on a dead fag is done as a PDF file:

    Pretty & Drug Fucked.

    Originally published 12 May 2010
    Republished 1 September 2014 | 6 October 2016

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    Wednesday, October 05, 2016

    Principles of Faggotry 18

    Fags have superb vision to navigate Dark Rooms and Mazes in the sauna.

    But shine the light on what Faggotry actually is, and what they've become, most fags will be too blind to see or care.

    Originally published 11 May 2010
    Republished 26 August 2014 | 5 October 2016

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    Have We Met......?

    1.   Just The Two Of Us..?
    2.   The (Other) Facts Of Life
    3.   The Apocalypse And Disclosure
    4.   That Weird Feeling

    1.   Just The Two Of Us....?

    1.   One of the hilarious aspects of apparently hurtling towards global oblivion (courtesy of the foreign, economic, monetary and military policies of the West - rapidly pissing off Asia by the way), is the silly notion, so rampant in God’s Own Country and the western world, that we humans are alone in this Universe. 

    2.   Now given that Christians like to throw their bible at anyone within range, perhaps someone should remind them that the book is replete with references to angels and archangels making human contact. So, straight off the bat, that’s a pretty good sign that there’s other sentient life out there, not necessarily in human form. 

    3.   Mythology, ancient spiritual texts from Asia, storytelling in the oral tradition particularly in indigenous cultures, contain references to intelligent life forms coming from the stars. 

    4.   2 questions:
    • Are we supposed to believe that all of this was pleasant romantic fiction?
    • What gives human beings the right to assume that they are in fact alone?

    5.   Oh sure, there is all this rubbish that we are made in the image of god, but don’t get FuelMix started on the apparent absurdity of Christians declaring that (usually) “they” have been made in the image of god, while their book says that the face of god will never be seen.  Indeed, in Islamic art, God is never depicted, because it is formless.

    2.   The (Other) Facts of Life

    1.   What cracks FuelMix up is when the likes of Professor Stephen Hawking come out and say that life on other planets is “likely to be primitive”. 

    2.   What’s really primitive is the hegemonic assumption that only we humans rule the Universe in 3D. Hawking is a professor of Physics and a fine one at that. FuelMix on the other hand, is a dilettante and self-styled amateur exhaust plume of Quantum Physics. Yes fags, there is a difference between the 2 disciplines of Physics - although the smarter scientists are realizing that Metaphysics is relevant too and that the ancient spiritual texts describing the nature of the Universe, appear to be spot on.

    3.   But if there’s one thing that’s clear in all three branches of Physics is that there is something more than 3D and that we are dealing with vibratory frequencies along a continuum. So, in the same way as UFOs just seem to appear out of nowhere and silently disappear in the blink of an eye, so too that angel Gabriel “appeared before Mary and said………” 

    4.'s where it starts to get interesting........we've been watching videos that build a strong circumstantial and in some instances, a direct case, that sentient and technologically advanced Extra Terrestrials are not only present on Earth, but have been for eons. Some of these ETs are in humanoid form, others in a hybrid form, and others as vibrational frequencies.

    5.   Best as we can tell, the debate has moved away from whether they exist to:
    • "how did they get here...?" and 
    • "what technologies are they using....?" and 
    • "exactly who has access to these technologies and what are they being used for....?" 
    • "what is the ultimate agenda of the ETs and the technology that they - and some favoured humans - possess?"

    3.   The Apocalypse and Disclosure

    1.   As we've said before, these are the times of the Apocalypse, the true meaning of which is, that which was hidden, is now revealed.

    2.   We are beginning to wonder whether sooner, rather than later, there will have to be an official acknowledgement globally of the existence of ETs and the extent to which, they are, or have been, interacting with humanity.

    3.   Like anything else, we would not be surprised if the World Management Team attempts to control disclosure for other purposes.

    4.   That Weird Feeling

    1.   It's a tricky time on Planet Earth. Everything is hyped, everything is unstable, manipulation appears to be rife, politicians are fumbling and blathering, speculation is rampant, the financial system has gone berserk and is now being confirmed as rigged across the board. Faultlines of disclosure and coverups are being ripped open. Nothing is making any sense - but we're all being asked to believe everything is hunky dory.

    2.......Just go to work, lick your boss's ass, keep your nose clean, pay your bills, believe the evening news, take your prescriptions, go to the gym, buy some organic food, listen to your MP3 player........and shut the hell up. 

    3.......But something is hammering away........what the hell is it.....??......It just won't stop.....and it keeps getting louder.....who is it calling....? what is it demanding.....?......why now....??

    4.   Perhaps FuelMix is too sensitive to these things. But he can feel change muscling in.  Some kind of collapse is going to take place. That collapse will be visual, social, political, financial and more importantly a major collapse of a thought paradigm.....

    5.  Followed by a Revelation with a planetary, societal and financial reset, wherein Humans define their place in the Cosmic hierarchy.

    6.   Reminds FuelMix of The Terminator soundtrack: "The Future - Remembered"

    Originally published 23 April 2008
    Amended and Republished 21 November 2013 | 16 April 2014 | 5 October 2016

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